A Found Submission.

True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. 

Henry Miller



Hello and good day all! I actually did this post last night but wanted to wait nice and early to show this awesomeness. I’d like to start off this blog post with the biggest bang possible… but I think my pictures did that for me. In case you couldn’t tell by this blog post, I have a a new furniture/decor sponsor! Which means you get to see my alter ego Cho-A~ Sinc1975 are my first actually and I am so grateful and thankful to them for giving me this chance! I only hope to show them proudly and beautifully as their items really are.

It took me a bit of time to figure out the positions I wanted to show of this Femdom Bus but I also wanted to keep it as… moderate as can be. I think I made it possible? haha Hopefully the Flickr police will think so.

But back to this awesome big bus I just got! There is a Male Dom bus and a regular camping like bus that I hope to remember to show you guys. The male and femdom bus are black like in the picture while the, I’ll just call it vanilla, while the vanilla bus is more colorful and more family friendly. Since I don’t have the other buses, my review on this bus is solely for the femdom bus. Try the other ones to see what they offer and have inside.

Now this bus comes with a body cross, a bed with a cute under-cage to decorate, a pole and shackles in the middle of the bus like I’ve used in my picture. The pole I found to be more of a pussy tease while the bed has a mixture of the teasing, regular sex, foot fetish, worship, punishment and some cute cuddles. The body cross and bed is good for some pegging as is the shackles in the middle of the floor. There is cuffs inside which anyone can grab when they sit and there is a chain script of course. So there’s 4 pieces of BDSM Femdom furniture inside and all comes wrapped up in a rez box at a total of 103 land impact. The bus itself is 82 prims when empty. The curtains you can open and close by touch but the bus is NOT drive-able, very stationary besides the rocking that’ll happen inside. 126 animations total, 42 which are bento and speed interchangeable. All in all, get this bus. There’s 3 styles to choose from and this one is spiceh! Happy shopping!

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Cooling Random.

Yeup.. This is just a random lazy post I did.. I almost didn’t do a clothes listing on it. XD But decided to anyways… I have no idea why.. unless to refer back to what wig I’m wearing. But um… yeah, no sponsors or gifs in this post this time, so enjoy! Apologies if you see a designers name cut off in the listing. I don’t know everyone’s abbreviations lol.

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A New You with Selly.

Happy New Year everyone! I am so past due on a new years post but what batter way to start it off than with a dance pack review?! 15 dances this time!
This one was a bit of a stumper at first but I do find myself loving some choice dances from this pack a bit too much lols. I had to break it apart which dances were slower and which ones were more fast paced.. It gets some getting use to but I was able to break up some of the dances to show how diverse this pack can be. But I did find at least a few songs that did go with all of them too!
Lets start with the individual songs first. Because when it comes to dances 16-18 and 24-30, I found TAEMIN 태민 ‘괴도 (Danger)’, SHINee 샤이니 ‘셀 수 없는 (Countless)’ and KATIE – Remember to match really nicely but so much with the other dances. The dances 19-23 and 25, I found Katy Perry – Never Really Over and Jain – Makeba fits these really nice but not so much the ones listed first. With that being said, now to mention the songs that work with all them so nicely. Stromae – Formidable, Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes and BETTA LEMME – BAMBOLA.
It took me a bit longer to decipher this pack but it is indeed mixed with that girly, sexy clubbing feel. Not too overly sexy but you’ll definitely grab some attention. As always these dances are rerecord under real clubbing conditions. Wishing you happy dancing and shopping.

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Almost There!

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. 

Norman Vincent Peale

This gamer outfit actually comes with a cute pair of girl male briefs buuut with the slipped off panties I felt like a skirt would be awesome to go with it! But I also didn’t want to show exactly… that I’m not wearing any panties lmao. Always trying to keep it tasteful but you can see the full outlook of this outfit down below in the gif. Yes the cable necklace does come with the top but nope you can’t wear it separately. ♥ Happy shopping.

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Don’t Stop the Dancin’, Angie.

When trying out Angie, I had no idea what to expect but man was I not disappointed. It’s not a slow pack of dances this time, although I would love some teasing dances soon lol. But the fact I can jam with David Bowie with these dances makes me all the more happy. I was even able to match it to a few more modern songs too as well but always surprised when I can match it to older music as well.
Lets get on with the music list though! I already feel like jamming just looking at. Lets get the common ones out of the way that I love but list sometimes often. Gorillaz – DARE, Lady Gaga – John Wayne, Bad Romance, Poker Face.. Isn’t it awesome when 3 songs in a row match up with your dances? lol Daft Punk – Da Funk, FAKE TYPE. – FAKE STYLE and last but not least… David Bowie – Underground. Now that was an awesome find in my eyes. Haha can you guess the type of dances to experience with this list? Even the dances I imagine looking at this list don’t even come close tot he actual dance experience.
As always make sure to listen to some awesome tunes when you try out dances! Never know what might make you love this dance pack like I do. You can find these at a few latest events but skip the extra rezzing and try them out at the mainstore! The Dances cost 300L$ each or the always money saving option of fatpack, my personal fav (10 Dances) (2399L$).
As always these dances are rerecord under real clubbing conditions. Wishing you happy dancing and shopping.

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Holo Sex.

Is you into that? Let’s break the internet. We do it the best, when we have cybersex.

― Doja Cat

As always, my favorite part in this set is how the undies, banana and (what I’m not wearing in this picture) selfie stick and phone comes with poses. I was able to use one of the poses that came with the naughty banana for this picture. Didn’t work but I was totally trying to make the undies work too lol. The controller doesn’t come with a un-rigged version but you can rez it out to get creative and it’s only 5Li. Can you tell I have the song Cyber Sex on my brain? Hahah. As always wishing happy shopping.

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Ah-sss Push It, Selly.

My first time blogging Selly, so hello Selly! She’s from Switzerland, y’know. At first trying these dances I was like oh my goodness! How the heck will I find songs to go with such fast paced dancing… That’s what I get for listening to R&B for the past few days, had to speed up my thinking. Then I was able to realize these dances are great for a good majority of 80s songs as well as certain 00s songs! Just goes to prove me once again, never know what dances will match up with which songs..
I have a good list of songs for ya this time. So excited to share these genres of music. WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance, Ready For The World – Oh Sheila, Salt-N-Pepa – Push It, Madonna – Into The Groove, Wang Chung – Everybody have fun tonight annnnd Say Yes – Michelle Williams ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland. Haha was you ready for a gospel song to be the last one? That one was a awesome surprise to me.
Also! Theses are being sold at a Thank You price offer. The Dances cost 300L$ each. They give MORE THAN 20% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) (1999L$). You can find them in-world at the mainstore!

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Bone Mama.

You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as you dominant aspiration.

― James Allen

So what you don’t see on these skeleton hands, is how it’s actually a bikini! But the awesome part is how you can hide the bikini and wear them over a lot of nice skin tight things! I couldn’t help but get creative with this and with me missing posting Halloween.. I still got some Bone Daddy in me. Countdown to win Kustom9 ends! 3 more days once Wednesday comes around.

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Keep it Cute, Jana.

Interesting video right? 😮 I think Jana can become my favorite dancer in the team haha. Another dance pack filled with cute shuffles, cha-cha slide and body curves all thrown into one. While the dances are definitely cute and casual, you’ll find them to be a bit more fast paced than you think. Don’t be fooled by the banner when it says slow, it can keep up with some nice songs.
There’s always a couple dances that are a bit of a surprise in the pack. We have a couple in this one where it can be a bit harder to say they will go along with the songs I’m listing. But thank goodness when you mix Move! dances with other dances of theirs, you create a rather unique set of dances out of two different packs mixed together. So I will say that 66 and 73 will be your little surprise charms in this box. You won’t expect what she’ll dish out for you between the rest of the dances.
The best part about these dances are the odd range of music I found that actually works with these casual dances. Some I’ve listed before while the others, might be the first time I’m listing them. To start off my list, let’s list some of the already seen before songs. YG – Big Bank ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj is first up. Following with Janet Jackson – Feedback. Couple of the new songs I’m listing, TWICE “SIGNAL” and Disclosure – Omen ft. Sam Smith. Quite an array of genres, right? Love when dances can be used in more than one genre.
Now you can find these dances at the mainstore, of course fatpack is discounted. I personally love to go for the copy version but transfer version is available, no different prices. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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