Unrested Serenity

The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.

― Andre Gide

Hello all and welcome to my post of the day.. Unfortunately this should of been done like.. a week ago but I could not and cannot for the like of me get certain things to rez in Black Dragon one day and then the other decides to stay derendered.. I had such a hair pulling, nail biting annoyance but I want to blame Mercury Retrograde for it so bad lol.. I had to remove certain decorations from the glamour shot that you will see in the catalog shots because they just would not show up for me and it was quite annoying. Some items would rez only in Medium setting while others only High but none wanted to show on Ultra.. RenderVolumes helped none.. Just blah! I do hope I was able to show all the beauty in every bit of this gacha by Since1975 though. I saw it and instantly fell in love that it was pieces instead of whole.. So you can literally make it fit any room almost. It is gacha though so there is no modify so I thought I’d show how I was able to use it in a random skybox that has a random pillar in one room. I also really liked how the island counters comes with the decor accessories under the glass. I do plan to debunk why this issue is happening.. but I feel so bad making my sponsors and others wait as I try to figure out what the heck is going on with mesh objects and the rezzing issues with some decorations. Again, shout out to Fourth Wall for that Quick Credits! because it listed the land impact for each and every item you see in my pictures below so you don’t have to guesstimate! Lifesaver.. I cannot praise it enough.

With all that being said, I do have a new sponsor, CAMO!! Whom I’d like to thank for the opportunity and officially welcome onto my website. They make the best rigged locs in SL I’ve seen that can be so many colors. Not to mention they make some really good accessories as well. Really excited to see all that unfolds in this new journey. ♥

There’s also an event item featured in this post but I betcha can’t guess it.. unless you already went down to the bottom credits in which you’re only reading this to be like, hah! I do.. But anywho! It is Nonnative! And you can find this skin at LEVEL, you still have plenty of time to visit and demo since the event does not end until July 24th! Pretty much in that half-way stretch.

I myself am way behind on the shopping but hope to catch up whenever I clean up and organize two inventories. Wish me luck lol. Happy shoppings. ♥

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A Found Submission.

True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. 

Henry Miller



Hello and good day all! I actually did this post last night but wanted to wait nice and early to show this awesomeness. I’d like to start off this blog post with the biggest bang possible… but I think my pictures did that for me. In case you couldn’t tell by this blog post, I have a a new furniture/decor sponsor! Which means you get to see my alter ego Cho-A~ Sinc1975 are my first actually and I am so grateful and thankful to them for giving me this chance! I only hope to show them proudly and beautifully as their items really are.

It took me a bit of time to figure out the positions I wanted to show of this Femdom Bus but I also wanted to keep it as… moderate as can be. I think I made it possible? haha Hopefully the Flickr police will think so.

But back to this awesome big bus I just got! There is a Male Dom bus and a regular camping like bus that I hope to remember to show you guys. The male and femdom bus are black like in the picture while the, I’ll just call it vanilla, while the vanilla bus is more colorful and more family friendly. Since I don’t have the other buses, my review on this bus is solely for the femdom bus. Try the other ones to see what they offer and have inside.

Now this bus comes with a body cross, a bed with a cute under-cage to decorate, a pole and shackles in the middle of the bus like I’ve used in my picture. The pole I found to be more of a pussy tease while the bed has a mixture of the teasing, regular sex, foot fetish, worship, punishment and some cute cuddles. The body cross and bed is good for some pegging as is the shackles in the middle of the floor. There is cuffs inside which anyone can grab when they sit and there is a chain script of course. So there’s 4 pieces of BDSM Femdom furniture inside and all comes wrapped up in a rez box at a total of 103 land impact. The bus itself is 82 prims when empty. The curtains you can open and close by touch but the bus is NOT drive-able, very stationary besides the rocking that’ll happen inside. 126 animations total, 42 which are bento and speed interchangeable. All in all, get this bus. There’s 3 styles to choose from and this one is spiceh! Happy shopping!

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Holo Sex.

Is you into that? Let’s break the internet. We do it the best, when we have cybersex.

― Doja Cat

As always, my favorite part in this set is how the undies, banana and (what I’m not wearing in this picture) selfie stick and phone comes with poses. I was able to use one of the poses that came with the naughty banana for this picture. Didn’t work but I was totally trying to make the undies work too lol. The controller doesn’t come with a un-rigged version but you can rez it out to get creative and it’s only 5Li. Can you tell I have the song Cyber Sex on my brain? Hahah. As always wishing happy shopping.

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The Wolves.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

– George Carlin

February 10th marks the day of the opening of this rounds Enchantment event! Time for a tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast! I was going to showcase all the pretty yellowness in this round but instead I saw the village dress and HAD to blog it. The scene where the wolves attack Belle after trying to escape always got my adrenaline running as a child. So I wanted to try and reenact it. (The scene in case you haven’t seen the original movie.)

Unfortunately the pose used in the photo has a really high priority so I couldn’t edit it how I wanted to. But was hoping I did at least a little justice to that story scene. You couldn’t help but love the Beast and feel bad when he got hurt. But just wait til I can get enough time to showcase all these other awesome things coming to the event! I even got to show off the horse I spent a lot of money on because I always wanted a bento horse. X3

Anywho back to this really cute detailed dress. It has 3 commons and can you guess who they are? How about the three ditzy blondes that are in love with Gaston? XD I so need to find two more people so we can try and do a Gaston picture maybe. I also need to find a Gaston. > . < The rare is of course the ballroom gown that is just beautiful and has a built-in pose to help you stand straight int he dress. Like I stated earlier I actually have a lost of picture ideas for this round so stay tuned! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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New Me.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

– Gene Tunney

Lets face it, new year new you, right? Shoot I’ve been working on myself for 2 yrs. XD I think I’m starting to show for it. Mind you I use the free infomercials in the early early morning and just work out with them for an hr. It’s the best fitness cause your at home and not being judged. XD And now that I invested in a fit board, I think I’ll melt away all the stubborn fat I haven’t wanted since I hit puberty. (In case you didn’t know, it’s very hard to stay motivated when all your butt wants to sleep cut me some slack. XD)  Oneee more thing, a cat will keep you agile and on your toes so they become another great fitness tool. Annnd your spending time with your furbaby(ies).

Alrighty, let’s’ talk about what is special in this post. \o/ The couch in the background can be changed to any color displayed at this moment. If you want an all white couch, got it. A teal couch? Totally possible, it’s really nice that it’s HUD based. Saves up on inventory space for me. Lets see what else… We have 2 colors of jump rope, a few colors of hand weights and a couple variations of shoeboxes. Totaling up to 11 commons and 1 rare, not a bad gacha right? Nice and small. I think what I love about this set is how low prim it is. When you only own a linden home property, it gets hard to decorate. So I always low really low prim stuff. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To keep your character intact you cannot stoop to filthy acts. It makes it easier to stoop the next time.

– Katharine Hepburn

I do apologize for my pace slowing down, starting to get in that sleeping all day pattern again. Trying to fight it! But man is it stubborn and won’t rest until I rest. > .< It’s definitely testing my self discipline and will, huh?  lol

I get to showcase an item that is at the Seasons Story event! The lingerie comes in 6 colors and is maitreya, slink and omega appliers friendly. As well as I am showcasing fatpack colors for the glove, rope visor and claws. I usually buy fatpacks of accessories so I can mix and match colors easily. X3

Little posing tip when it comes to using the tub! This tub has some high priorities which will make it a little bit impossible to use animare. lol As in you cannot edit any part of the poses in this tub, which is not a bad thing for those that wants animated sits of course. Taking a picture wise, you’ll definitely need some timing. Priority is strong within this one, mmm. Wishing you happy shopping as I play around in my inventory for the next best thing. 😀 ♥

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Early to Rise.

From early morning to late at night, it’s such an interesting life, and I’m healthy and free, and that’s not so easy with a family.

– Olav Thon

I decided not to do a close up for this post, instead including the gacha key for this photo. 😀 I wanted to really focus on the furniture here more than my outfit since it’s a very simple yet cute dress. You can definitely still see it nicely. I did want to take the time to express my appreciation for being accepted to be a blogger for AsteroidBox. It’s creativity like this that makes me so sad to disassemble something so purdy! If only I was a skybox fan this would be my permanent one! XD But I need landscaping in my life. Lmao Seriously the best skybox I’ve owned in a while. > w< I got so much furniture that can just fit inside. lol

Into a little bit of details! The futon bed, that has 8 couple animations and 8 single animations. This bed is PG, so don’t expect no hanky panky stanky stanky on it. :3 The stool also has some animations it includes at least 6 of them I think. I didn’t showcase the animations this time but you’ll see this bed and stool again soon. 😀

The way I was able to let some sun in was I made the outer wall on one side transparent. The inside is still solid but this just lets the sun in and makes it look nice. I even made the pose myself to give that feeling I always feel like getting out of bed. We definitely need more yawning poses in Second Life. If I wasn’t afraid of my own creation I’d give them away for cheap. Too much work though. X3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home.

This is really just a impromptu post I just did on Firestorm. I decided to change how my land looks, for the 2nd time in a week. XD I got to expand my parcel size to a 2048 so I was able to use this house I wanted from… Uber was it? Or was it Fameshed? Either way it’s not there anymore and at the mainstore now. 😀 

And since I can’t keep the blogging part out of my system, I decided to turn it into a post. Incase anyone liked what I use and wanted to use it on their land themselves. But yeah, I mostly wanted to show off my decorating, sky landscaping skills lol. Just think if I could stand the lag on the mainland I could terraform too, the possibilities could be endless! Well first I need to get some more landscaping things and decorations THEN it will be endless! XD

I wanted to take time to mention how this picture is actually taken with low settings. No photoshop editing was done, just a raw shot in Firestorm on LOW settings with Depth of Field on. I’ll even show my preferences down below in case some are wondering. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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No Pants Day.

Home is where the pants aren’t.

Exactly like my post is for the day, in real life feels like a no pants day. So why not translate that into SL as well and ditch them pants, burn the bras! Okay, maybe not burn the bras because I paid good money for those sack holders. But yeah, I’m making Tuesday my no pants day for today, down with pants!

The only thing I couldn’t ditch is this FUZZEH! sweater. Can’t part with the fuzzies, it’s warm enough to substitute not wearing pants. Of course if your not a fuzzy fan like me this sweater also comes in cashmere. So for one color you can get fuzzy or smuuuth. (Spelled it that way on purpose. ;p) By the way, in case you haven’t realized it in my post before. I have another sphynx cat with me in my photo! I just love how they are posed. XD They just make me want to put a sweater on them lol. I did edit his eyes close just cause I have seen them sleep like that mostly on couches and it’s so cute!

On another note, I think this is my favorite bed in like… SL. Not only does it come with a blanket that messes up when you sit on it, but it also comes with laptops. And those laptops actually come with a power block! X3 So cute and freakin realistic ugh, I wish more beds could be like this. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Burnin’ Love.

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.

– Elvis Presley

Paying homage to the King since Moda must of had a stroke of Vegas Love in her the past few releases. Lol On another note, look at what I was able to accomplish! I totally made a pose from [T-Pose] scratch thanks to animare. \o/ It took me at least an hour or so but at least I am really happy with the results. I was so disappointed with the lack of elvis inspired anything lately on marketplace and in-world. I couldn’t even find an up to date Elvis hair! XD But I was gonna be darn if I couldn’t at least try to attempt to have a Elvis pose for this photo. It took me, what… 8-9 days of searching and 8 days of trying to figure out how to blog this outfit. Chez Moi made it a lot easier by releasing the record player, stand, poster and bean bag chair. It just helped add to that music look I was going for in my corner.

Anywho, this is probably the most edited photo I’ve done for my blog since my hair fair entries that didn’t go so well. I am not that great at editing in photoshop and so was afraid to try again. But I do want my photos to tell a story better so maybe I should give editing another whirl, now that I have a ‘improved’ way of showing my outfit further in my blog posts (down below). I do envy those who can edit so easily on a picture and make it look realistically flawless and one day I hope to reach those skills at my own speed. I hope I don’t scare some readers/sponsors off with my bad editing skills and hopefully you can bear with me learning. ^^; Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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