Solar Steamin’.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.

– Russell Baker ♥

‘Ocean Breeze’.. What a name and what a round this time at Collabor88. Everything summery, wet and beach-y. This time lets switch it up and rest ina  sauna instead. Cynful wanted to create something super sexy but keep it classy! This is their fishnet bikini set they came up with and it comes loaded with a lot of options. Each color allows you to switch between a shiny texture as well as a more of a clothier fabric AND you can wear it with just the fishnet itself. The mix and match possibilities with this set are endless! Tell me that’s not a freaking awesome option if you get the fatpack.

Big thanks to The Backdrop City for having this sauna out. I always wanted it but still can’t afford it just yet. Definitely a bloggers scene savior. ♥ This is actually over by the beach area which is still under construction.

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.154; ahead.

i see my path, but i don’t know where it leads. not knowing where i’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

– Rosalia de Castro

i must stop and take a second to appreciate finally having some bento fairy wings! i haven’t had fairy wings in so long, well wings in general, since like 2010. i got tired of the flexi and the ‘sl wind’ sometimes blowing them around randomly. so when i saw these wings i just HAD to have them, they are very colorful wings! which is why i used the base wing texture which is just plain white. you know me, i like white i really don’t know why. but when i need a break from colors white i go! lol and then i kept watching the old winx (don’t judge) and wanted to make a beach fairy. X3 sounds silly but i like it! lol instead of a fire or water, i’ll just play with sand. an sl Gaara if you will.  XD anywho lemme stop babbling and get on with the next creation! happy shopping. ♥

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.151; dreamin’.

i think a lot of stuff i find funny is from day dreaming.

– Demetri Martin

the hair fair has finally closed and it is now time for Tres Chic and so many more events to open. heck just in a couple more days it’ll be a new event of N21. is it just me or are these events getting closer together. XD i swear i feel like i never stop seeing an event name somewhere that i haven’t seen before. speaking of Tres Chic, with this backdrop being at the event i’d like to point out something that i find helpful. it is mod because on first rez it is 71 prims but you can resize it manually! i made it smaller then when you first rez it and got it down to 22 prims, neat huh? i was just testing it out because i was like homagawd it’s so big! but i don’t have any club furniture. XD but lemme stop rambling an get back to work. oh! before i forget, these new shorts by blueberry, are not like other shorts. no, not because of the belt but because of what your butt looks. X3 and no i do not mean angel wings on the butt, let’s just say it’s a “rugged” look. lol happy shopping! ♥

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.148; bananers.

did you hear about the banana who went to the doctor’s because he wasn’t peeling very well?

drop the mic as if it were a banana… oh wait it is… but umm.. yeah. XD anyone have any hungry cute little monkeys to come help me get rid of all these bananas hanging in my hut? I never was big on protein lols. i also decided to use the other vitiligo applier i had. i wish i had gotten the other 2 before the store closed. don’t hate me for being an admirer of such a unique disorder, i just find vitiligo so beautiful. ♥

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.147; chill.

Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment.

– Arthur Helps

i got into the crystal heart festival as planned, spent about 6k.. unplanned… i love all the things i bought i just wish my wallet wasn’t walking across my floor petitioning my spending. >. < uggh! i even got the pool i wanted from the MadPea Summer Hunt! it ends today at midnight SLT and i wish i had started sooner, i wanted so much more. D: grr but i am happy i at least got a kick ass pool. 83 i wont keep blabbing though i have to clean my inventory now from all this shopping! >. < happy shopping! ♥

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.146; bohemian.

wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.

i’m proud to present you the second sponsored item i get to blog that’s showcasing at The Chapter Four.  i don’t know about you but i’ve been waiting for some stair poses. lol and did i mention these are in the 50% off part of the Chapter Four? well i just did and it really is a good deal seeing how many stair poses there are out in the world. i also finally finished all my shopping at the hair fair, i did good. wallet didn’t go awol and i broke even, which i hardly ever do! lol unfortunately now i need to tackle the Crystal Heart Festival >. < wish me luck and happy shopping. and a big thank you to Maison de L’amitie for having such a wonderful sim. ♥

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