You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him.

– Rae Dawn Chong

I am back with red vengeance! lol Funny thing, I actually started off pink and black and then the backdrop made me change colors. X3 Reds more passionate anyways. Hopefully this month I can at least do a good green shoot for St. Patrick’s Day though, the hardly celebrated holiday in my state. lol One aisle for St. Patrick’s Day and like 4 aisles for Easter. Just sad. I think I might try some green beer this year, only feels right in March for me. 

Annnywho, I’m pretty sure this dress has already came and went in the event department. Which is actually good news for those who like shopping at mainstores because it should be there! I myself am forgetful and sometimes forget there was even an event I wanted to go to so I always mainstore shop more now. lol I really like you have the option to hide the straps on the top of the dress and bottom. As well as be able to hide the fishnet or sheer option to cover cleavage area. I hid part of that dress which is why I wanted to mention the hidden options in this photo. lol

The face straps are unrigged and modifiable, I definitely tried my best to make this fit my oddly shaped head but I hardly have any success. XD So I do apologize in advance what you’ll see in my gif down below. Looks nicely on the face though. 😀 You should really see how much these straps shine when you put light on them with advanced lighting on, omg. I almost wanted to take that picture but it washed out everything. XD Straps was looking goood though.

Now about these eyeshadows of mine. Think of Avril Lavigne, Complicated, Sk8ter Boi, I am pretty sure they was the EXACT inspiration for these eyeshadows. I get those vibes and some when I wear this eyeshadow. There’s 6 different heights of smudge/smokey black in this pack. Starts off like a eye liner and then smudge/smoke it up until the eyeshadow in my picture. I’m wearing the fullest eyeshadow without it even needing to go to my eyebrows. (Thank goodness. XD)

Oh! Have you heard how hard it is to get into the Whore Couture Fair lately? I find it actually kind of nice that many people are still showing love to an old event I used to blog for. And speaking of that event, yup my hair is from there.  Which is why I brought it up mostly. X3 Good thing it’s open until the 31st though, I have some friends who are pretty persistent in trying to get in. I hope you all have fun shopping, I am off to take care of my faja (father), if anyone would happen to have some tips on gastritis and a filling diet. Much obliged to please hit me up. ^-^ Wishing and blessed be. ♥

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Late Bloomer.

How does the Meadow flower its bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold.

– William Wordsworth

This whole outfit started with stockings and just got piled on top until I accidentally made a fairy photo. XD I always wanted to do a fairy picture but didn’t know how to go about it without editing a picture. Especially when on a sim you can’t rez particles to help you with. I don’t think many may understand just how grateful I am to finally find the perfect way to showcase an outfit and how it looks in-world. I grew out of taking catalogue photos but missed showing everything clearly on an outfit. But I also missed being artistic with a photo and making it worth a thousands words. One day I’ll find that happy balance but for now I can focus on the art side and just let my gifs do the rest down below. I’m no teacher and couldn’t teach to someone else even if I tried. My patience is unfortunately not that great and not everyone learns like me, which makes it more difficult in the end. I always encourage people to google and search and learn like I am, the hard way. I’m not doing anything easy here and it’s all self taught, either you have the passion to learn or be a late bloomer. :3 I can give some awesome encouragement if need be though and some advice.

Also a big thank you to my friend Angelique Imani for pointing me into the direction of the Sunflower Hangout. Never heard of it but was definitely taken by surprise of how many sunflowers was out. You know I see a lot of sims with sunflowers but when it comes to needing one for a picture it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. XD It’s always nice to have friends to point you in a good direction, if not always right lol. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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I Don’t Mind.

The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.

– Mata Hari

I think this is the first time I posed with a stripper pole before. XD Don’t get me wrong I’ve worked on them for many years but never actually posed on one. Even though it’s not in this picture, the pose pack I’m using comes with a stripper pole for you to pose with. This backdrop just happened to have a really kickass chain pole and like umm, yeah I’m that badass to dance on a chain. LETS DO THIS! By the way if you do buy this backdrop it DOES have poses included. But you know me, I like to add poses to things that already have poses. XD

The advent calendar for adored is ticking each day with its own special sale each day. You won’t be able to get the lipstick I’m wearing until tomorrow since it’s for the 24th but there is 23 other lipsticks you might have missed out on. ;3

By the way, did I mention I have a unf spot for ruffles and lace? When I saw these heels and gloves I thought to myself, yesss.. I just need more and more gloves to replace all the non-bento ones I had to delete. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To build is to elevate the mentality of self and others around the self to add positive energy to Allah’s nation. To destroy is to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive.

I had the most bizarre inspiration to just go grayscale as I can without being too grayscale.. I think I did alright.. XD I was seriously curious what this backdrop meant so I had to google it. Came across many definitions but even though I don’t always like to rely on them UrbanDictionary actually had the most clear explanation. I hope it’s the right explanation… because I know how wikipedia AND urbandictionary have uses edit information. Anywho, I came across the name of Supreme Mathematics. My instant thought is wait it’s about numbers? o.O? So I had to click the link, curiosity killed this cat lol. “Despite its name, the Supreme Mathematics is not actual mathematics. It instead is a variety of numerology specific to the theology and philosophy of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths.” Neeeever would’ve guessed that in a million years.. Never would of guessed learning something from a backdrop either.. o.o Not only is it a group gift but it’s a gift of knowledge. @.@ *mindblown* However if you want to know more about it you’re going to just have to get as curious as me and google yourself. ^-^

I finally made it to Collabor88 as well, in case you couldn’t tell. I think… I got everything I wanted, anyone else always miss like one dang item from an event and that said item just happens to be the item to take forever to be put in the mainstore? lol I have the worst luck sometimes. XD Or or it just never goes in the store… Going off track lol, I would like to request some more fingerless and finger gloves plox! I got mittens and sleeves but I need more! Yes, I can be greedy when it comes to accessories.. I blame fashion. ;3

I also felt it was my duty to mention that adored is having a Christmas Sale, 50L sale on select makeup as well as an advent calendar for the 25 days of Christmas! Who doesn’t love a cosmetic advent calendar? New gifts are released at 4pm slt everyday so make sure you don’t miss out on lipsticks! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Poor, Unfortunate Dough.

Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?

– Matt Groening

Just in case my little humor was missed, the title to this post is a play on Little Mermaids, Ursula’s song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. I think of that song every time I look at a donut before I devour it. XD Homer Simpson had the right type of guilty pleasure. Those who know me knows I’m a potato head, but my sweet side… goes to the Donuts/Doughnuts. ♥

The Candy Fair has finally opened as well! A kawaii event and a food event, The Cookish Fair, always go together like pocky and ramune. One has some cupcake delights while the other one bares the weight of dough. I hope you saved up for all these events opening, heaven knows I didn’t. XD Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.

– Mary J. Blige

LUMIPro has saved the day again with making a photo become more realistic when inside of a building. Especially when you’re home lacks big windows. XD Speaking of windlights, the pose set I’m using comes with a red hearts projector light to give you that red hot love look. I unfortunately forgot to show it off in this picture. ^^; I kinda wanna save it for whenever I do a dang couples pic with somebody. >. <

On the subject of the pose in question, it is at Tres Chic and today is the last day to get it I believe? Or does it close on the day of… hmmm… Well today is marked as the closing date of Tres Chic. I usually can still squeeze in and grab what I want before they close the sim off. Ninja style ya’know. 😉 Wishing you happy shopping. 

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SL FanMV "RingDingDong"

I do apologize for the little choppiness in my video, sharing a internet connection with two other gamers can take a toll on your smoothness. >. < Also you might notice my arms do clip in my body sometimes.. welll if I looked how most people should when dancing.. I don’t think anyone would dance in their own shape. XD I enjoy the dances either way but you get to watch the flaws of being curvy, if you don’t already deal with it yourself. ♥

But yeah, I had to do another attempt at a video to showcase the lovely SHINee inspired backdrop from this past PocketGacha. I already showed a common so I thought it be nice to showcase the ULTRARAAARE. I didn’t get to really play this round of PocketGacha but heard a lot of great things. Took me 4 days of listening to the same song non-stop and re-dressing myself like crazy to make this happen! Lol I hope it doesn’t go to waste and is at least liked a little bit. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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unique punkers..

if you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

– Maya Angelou

i was forced out of my hermit shell to participate in an blogger’s challenge hosted on the Discord channel i’m in for bloggers and designers. my first collab photo with an actual blogger and it went punk-y hipster! X3 still hard for me to embrace my dark side in photos and not try to make it all bright and perky looking lol. i think i did a good job, my friend Synful is waaay better at this, she even set the scene up herself. o .o was nice seeing another blogger’s style up close, i usually just be perving from afar.

curious on what she’s (Synful – right) wearing? details for Synful’s look right here. ♥

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.151; dreamin’.

i think a lot of stuff i find funny is from day dreaming.

– Demetri Martin

the hair fair has finally closed and it is now time for Tres Chic and so many more events to open. heck just in a couple more days it’ll be a new event of N21. is it just me or are these events getting closer together. XD i swear i feel like i never stop seeing an event name somewhere that i haven’t seen before. speaking of Tres Chic, with this backdrop being at the event i’d like to point out something that i find helpful. it is mod because on first rez it is 71 prims but you can resize it manually! i made it smaller then when you first rez it and got it down to 22 prims, neat huh? i was just testing it out because i was like homagawd it’s so big! but i don’t have any club furniture. XD but lemme stop rambling an get back to work. oh! before i forget, these new shorts by blueberry, are not like other shorts. no, not because of the belt but because of what your butt looks. X3 and no i do not mean angel wings on the butt, let’s just say it’s a “rugged” look. lol happy shopping! ♥

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