I think television has had a vast, unbelievable impact on us.

― Billy Graham

Woohoo! My first blog post featuring both avatars of mine. Feel like a Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde vibes right now that I am just loving lol. Except for it would be Dr. Bee and Ms. Choi.. or is it Dr. Choi and Ms. Bee.. nah I think I like the first one more…

Oh! Before I get carried away in my own mind, this is actually a gacha glamour shot! Yup, this is all about them headshots and I don’t mean Fallout. [bad joke] SO, down below you’ll find a GiF of the all the heads offered at the Gacha Land event by Since1975, I did almost forget the books, so I did a shoddy crop in for it. Just ignore the instant switch from TV to Books.. Better yet maybe it’s a sign of what is needed to be done more.. Books than TV…

Anywho! It’s been quite a while since I did a random unique photo. I hope the randomness is loved just as much as I loved randomly thinking about it. I always wanted to do a picture with having a television head.. annnd I forgot all the ideas I had until AFTER I randomly came up with this one. The monster apple on the floor by me is actually a head in this gacha and it randomly made me think of a lot of horror movies which probably inspired this photo a bit..  A little bit of a Twilight Zone meets Stephen King lol. One of the apples happen to transform all the while the channel we fell asleep to had an unbelievable impact on our unconsciousness. Yes this randomly developed in my mind all the while placing props lol. But this is a preview! The event itself does not open until July 1st, good thing it’s not far right?

Oh a quick and unpopular opinion shout out to Fourth Wall for making this awesome Quick Credits HUD thingy I got on sale.. Like the whole ad says, it’s a bloggers dream! It even listed the land impact of everything in the scene! Any blogger I think can agree with me that the details is the most annoying and hardest part.  And this HUD just NAILED it to the wall and covered it with wallpaper. An absolute must for a blogger, it’s not hard to understand how it works either. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Almost There!

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. 

Norman Vincent Peale

This gamer outfit actually comes with a cute pair of girl male briefs buuut with the slipped off panties I felt like a skirt would be awesome to go with it! But I also didn’t want to show exactly… that I’m not wearing any panties lmao. Always trying to keep it tasteful but you can see the full outlook of this outfit down below in the gif. Yes the cable necklace does come with the top but nope you can’t wear it separately. ♥ Happy shopping.

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A Stranger.

Every human walks around with a certain kind of sadness. They may not wear it on their sleeves, but it’s there if you look deep.

―  Taraji P. Henson ♥

It’s been a real long time since I had a recent pair of converse like wedges that I used to rock on a daily basis while at Dirty Souff back in ‘09. It was a real treat to get these and at a price just like what I probably paid back in ‘09 as well. Just thought I’d share that little bit of nostalgia with you for no reason except that it definitely helped with my random inspired look while showcasing Blah.’s new-past released eyes.

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Take Pink Out.

“I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I would accessorize myself to the hilt, and I would wear flirty shoes because my world needed more beauty to counter all the ugliness in it. I would wear pink because I hated gray, I didn’t deserve white, and I was sick of black.”

― Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

This is the first time I ever actually tried to take a full body shot completely vertically lols.. It’s so odd.. haha but straight up it looks like it needs to be in a magazine article with a big ol paragraph next to it lol. I actually have a post for the Whore Couture Fair though! I can’t believe it’s on round 9.. I remember blogging the first one, 2nd one and third before I switched to specific sponsors. Man those were some good memories.

blah. crated a really cute Chinese Takeaway outfit for the event. Her dresses aren’t part of a gacha however her really cute takeaway box and certain fortune cookies are. Mainly the colors black, pink and red. While every other color is a common and still really just as cute. I always loved the pastel colors of blah. Not too hard to find colors to blend with em. Her dresses fit belleza, maitreya and hourglass. Of course be sure to demo and have fun shopping. ♥

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Tea Crash.

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

– C. S. Lewis

Tea.. Tea.. Tea. Tea. TEAAAA. Teaaaa, Gromit.. lol. Apologies, haven’t slept yet. But I had a feew teaa things I wanted to share as well as sparkles and kittens. That’s a pretty awesome combo right? Sparkles, kittens.. and tea. Yeaaah. 😀

I don’t know what made me want to go green.. But I was really enjoying how these boots I’m wearing look in lime green. Unfortunately it is not sun bright light nice so I used the light grey instead and it still went along with my outfit. 😀 Man I love shoes that come in fatpack of colors. But can we take the time to just gush about this outfit by Cynful? X3 Especially since the sequins actually take on the color of light. (Bottom picture is a good example with the neon from the cart. Oh! Yeah the cart has neon lights on it that emit light. X3) And of course if you get this outfit in the fatpack, you get some really cool bonus colors. 😀

This is my favorite… belly button piercing… EVUH! It is so cute and it literally has fur on it that you can toggle on and off. I included a closeup of the belly button down below as well as the color options, mind you! Not the picture right under the paragraphs but under the gif below. You can tint everything on the jewelry even the kitty head so it will always match. Seriously.. My crazy cat lady senses are tingling here. Greaaat item at Kurenai.

I feel like it is my duty to warn you however, New Faces is not on marketplace. Sure you can search it but almost all of them are copybotted, so be wary. You won’t get any support for those items and might even get reported for supporting a copybotter. If it’s not by Gwen don’t chance it, just a fair warning. ^^ I also apologize ahead of time for my dark, dark gif. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my viewer to stop auto refreshing on me at a higher level of detail so I had to lower it as well as lost my actual windlight I use for gifs. Just blah all around right? OH! I didn’t mention I got a new laptop so I am basically redoing everything I had and missing a few things that are now forever gone. XD So I do apologize for my slow postings and me being all over the place with reviewing certain things. However if you have any questions on something I’m wearing, I’ll try to help. :3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Relaxation is Key.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you.

– Anne Lamott

It’s time for the FINAL round of Kurenai!..  I can’t believe it’s already that time again… I could of sworn I had a bit more time. I couldn’t wait for this round to unfold and once again I was not disappointed.. Of course this event is running from July, 27th 08:00(PDT) to August, 31th 06:59(PDT). Consider this a really early sneak peek. 😉

I was really drawn to the silkworm farmer gacha. It looks soo realistic, no animations in it though but definitely beautiful decor for those wanting to decorate a village accurately. It’s not featured in this post but will be in another; a farmhouse is also in this gacha. Felt so honored to get to blog this.

Now the house I’m napping on is by another designer, has working doors, 1 main room and 2 side rooms. Definitely lives up to the architecture of a Engawa. I just wish I had a proper courtyard to show how Engawa’s are for but I think I did okay here as well. I did however include a link to describe what a Engawas use is. This structure comes with the option of paper windows or glass.

Not only that but how cute is this straw hat? X3 It actually fit my hair on the first try. That doesn’t happen too often for me lols. Be sure to on the lookout for some more Kurenai previews. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.

– Pam Shaw

Today I was able to get out early, go outside and feel that sun on my face. Then the sun settled on my jeans and my legs began to burn and sweat and then I realized why I stay inside.

At least in SL I don’t have to worry about sunburns, unless I want to, or sand up my shorts. (I’d never want that lol.) Speaking of, it was very much time to show off this really cute baewatch outfit. No I did not choose the beach because it is called baewatch. I actually didn’t even realize it until now lol. Anywho, this cute yet sexy outfit comes in 3 different Top versions (solid, hustle print & girls squad print) for each color, shorts are just plain colors. Fatpack is of course 30 colors each, top and bottom. This is a mainstore release so you won’t have to worry about me sending you off to a busy event lol. Speaking of, I spent waaay too much money at the Crystal Heart Festival. > < But I cannot wait to create some looks and ideas with what I bought. 😀 I think the sun actually tired me out more than I thought. I shall bid thee a good shopping spree now while I go re-energize. ♥

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Leaving the mind behind is the best experience most feeble minds fear to try.

Gotta love when your outfit shines just as bright as you do. When you wear this definitely have to wear some type of light just to see how nicely it shines in advanced lighting and reflects the light. Yes it’s shiny without advanced lighting on but if you have like a light pet like the one in my picture when it circles…. It’s so neat. It makes me want to stay in advanced lighting 24/7 just to see that light glide across the fabric. I wanted to wear the clear latex version of this lingerie so bad but decided to keep it PG. [Yaay me, not. lol] It comes in 9 solid colors and 2 clear latexs, collar is sold separately. A helpful tint there is some alphaing with the lingerie and collar for clear latex option, so beware of front hairs that has alpha on them. My belly button piercing has an alpha shadow that makes it glitch away a bit which you can see in the gif below. So you might see some of your lingerie disappear like everything in SLs layering. Not the designers fault but LL.

I plan for this day to be a very busy day for me while I feel the creative flow running through me. Let’s just hope all this random sudden energy doesn’t bite me in the butt later. XD Wishing you shopping. ♥

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Imagining Reality.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

– Cheshire Cat

Lemme just take this time to gush, I thought the store Whole Wheat was gone forever and I almost wanted to cry. But nope, they just moved which is fine with me long as they keep that creativity in the skies. It did however bring to my attention that I need more abnormal scenery landmarks. I got loads for the common looks of my imagination but definitely need some better backgrounds for when it comes to fantasy.

Anywho! Today marks the day for Blogger Appreciation at the Enchantment event. This round is Alice in Wonderland! This is like my favorite movie of all time, they didn’t even ruin it when they made it live action. If anything it made me love it more how they changed some parts. There is going to be so many goodies at this event, I hope you have your wallets ready. I know my head is spinning with ideas, lets just hope energy stays on my side and sleep stays away!

This outfit I made this time I reallly love, I haven’t gotten to use my doll corset yet and I have this weird passion for small top hats or small hats in general so I was loving everything I could find to create this look. The official opening date for Enchantment is the 12th of May so yes, tomorrow! Don’t even have to wait that long and it ends on the 31st. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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