Unrested Serenity

The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.

― Andre Gide

Hello all and welcome to my post of the day.. Unfortunately this should of been done like.. a week ago but I could not and cannot for the like of me get certain things to rez in Black Dragon one day and then the other decides to stay derendered.. I had such a hair pulling, nail biting annoyance but I want to blame Mercury Retrograde for it so bad lol.. I had to remove certain decorations from the glamour shot that you will see in the catalog shots because they just would not show up for me and it was quite annoying. Some items would rez only in Medium setting while others only High but none wanted to show on Ultra.. RenderVolumes helped none.. Just blah! I do hope I was able to show all the beauty in every bit of this gacha by Since1975 though. I saw it and instantly fell in love that it was pieces instead of whole.. So you can literally make it fit any room almost. It is gacha though so there is no modify so I thought I’d show how I was able to use it in a random skybox that has a random pillar in one room. I also really liked how the island counters comes with the decor accessories under the glass. I do plan to debunk why this issue is happening.. but I feel so bad making my sponsors and others wait as I try to figure out what the heck is going on with mesh objects and the rezzing issues with some decorations. Again, shout out to Fourth Wall for that Quick Credits! because it listed the land impact for each and every item you see in my pictures below so you don’t have to guesstimate! Lifesaver.. I cannot praise it enough.

With all that being said, I do have a new sponsor, CAMO!! Whom I’d like to thank for the opportunity and officially welcome onto my website. They make the best rigged locs in SL I’ve seen that can be so many colors. Not to mention they make some really good accessories as well. Really excited to see all that unfolds in this new journey. ♥

There’s also an event item featured in this post but I betcha can’t guess it.. unless you already went down to the bottom credits in which you’re only reading this to be like, hah! I do.. But anywho! It is Nonnative! And you can find this skin at LEVEL, you still have plenty of time to visit and demo since the event does not end until July 24th! Pretty much in that half-way stretch.

I myself am way behind on the shopping but hope to catch up whenever I clean up and organize two inventories. Wish me luck lol. Happy shoppings. ♥

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Alana Principle, Oh-O.

Alana is back and has some boogie in her pants this time. Of course a 20% discount is on either fatpack you choose.
One thing I’ve realized is these songs definitely has a certain beat it goes to more than others. If you are a disco pop, 70s-80s lover, I think we found the dance pack that definitely covers those eras. Now I do mean the upbeat pop/disco-esque but of course I always have a playlist to give an example of what I mean clearly.
You ever list so many songs you can’t help but wonder if you listed one before? lol Well.. at least you’ll have a variety of dances for a span of music genres. Alright lets get this playlist started, whose up first? Anderson .Paak – TINTS ft. Kendrick Lamar, Tuxedo – The Tuxedo Way, Janet Jackson – Feedback, Janet Jackson – Make Me, Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle [So much Janet, yaaaas] and even Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness.
As always, I encourage you to try these dances out while jamming out to your favorite songs to the genre I pointed out or any other ones. You never know what you might discover that will work. You can find these dances to try out at the mainstore. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.

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Angie Got Booty.

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not allll about the booty. Just about.. 90%. 😀 One thing I’ve noticed right off the bat, is how much I actually jiggle when dancing lol. Of course if your Maitreya you wont see that booty action, creators fault js. But every other body will definitely see the butt and thigh action when dancing. With this dance pack I cannot say it is a specific genre, just that you can probably shake that booty to any song you think the tempo is right. It’s definitely a bit more fast paced between 09-16 while the 06-08 dances are a slower intro to what you’re about to unleash on the dance floor. Then winding back down in the last four of this set. Something to keep in mind, there is three variations of speeds and certain dance styling when it comes to the dances in my opinion. I would say 06-09 could fit one song really well while 10-16 would fit the more upbeat and rhythmic songs. Then 17-20 would suit more a wind down time where you’ll find a bit more slower yet upbeat songs match better. Kind of like a cosmopolitan, three different flavors for you in one pack.
Now time for some music examples! Remember how there is three different kind of styles in this pack I’ll try to say which ones are best for which numbers, give you a better understanding of which you’ll probably love more. Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At is actually good for 06-17. While Shaggy, Million Stylez, Rayvon & Heavy Roots – Up Riddim, Busta Rhymes – Pass The Courvoisier Part II and Kabaka Pyramid – Reggae Music is some of what I found to be best for 09-16. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – Miss You, Sean Paul & Major Lazer – Tip Pon It and Tropkillaz & Major Lazer – Loko (feat. MC Kevinho & Busy Signal) definitely works great with numbers 11-16 best as well as melding nicely with 17-20.
As always, these dances have been recorded under real clubbing conditions. So yes, Angie actually danced these moves for you. I always suggest to try these dances when listening to music, you never know what song can work with what dances. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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You’re So Fluffy Kira!

Hello to all the lovely faces reading today’s post. I am so sorry for being quiet lately, I’ve been moving to my first house in real life and so glad… This is my final move for hipefully decades. I swear I hate moving. >. < I plan to unleash my creativity to the max once I’m 100% moved in. But you did not come to this post to be about me. Let’s talk about a recently new pack called Kira by Move!
I actually found it funny yet cute one of the words to describe this dance pack is fluffy. Makes me think of Gabriel Iglesias, FLUFFEH! I feel these dances are more laid back but definitely free spirited. You can actually feel the joy when you do dance with these dances, making them just more fun to use. And they are definitely more curvy friendly because my arms don’t clip as bad besides having big boobs lol. The songs I found to work with these dances actually are really nice and compliment the set so well.. They are a few of my recently favorite artists.
Alright, one song I’ve been obsessed with and so glad I have dances to go with it is Mura Masa, NAO – Complicated. Another being Jidenna – Boomerang and TeaMarrr – Whorey Heart. I even found one of my daily anthems Leikeli47 – Money to work really well with these dances as well. 😀
Like I always stress, always try these dances in-world yourself while listening to some of your favorite songs. You could surprise yourself with what songs they might match up with. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Taynara vol.3.

I remember having the non-bento version of this and always wondered just how they could animate the fingers if they ever made it bento. Just found out there was a bento version of Taynara and I just had to try them out.
Taynara definitely lives up to staying that energetic club girl who isn’t afraid to steal the dance floor away from you. Now when I say energetic, definitely expect to DANCE about. You wont do a little shuffle in place, oh no, you become the club queen with these dances. Your familiar with the dance floor and let everyone know. XD
I actually found a few songs to work with the se dances but I would have to say I really liked how it melded with Zico – Artist. It instantly sold me because of course if you can make me dance to my favorite songs I’ll love ya forever lols. Of course, these dances are at the mainstore so definitely give a whirl. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Oh snaps! I came across another bop, even though I don’t think it was suppose to be! huehuehue. When I list the songs that work with this dance pack, you’ll realize exactly why I call it a bop. Of course, you know me I like to show ow versatile a dance pack is as well as use for my own reference what songs I listen to, which dances are best.
I was actually a bit surprised to find this song to work with this dance pack but Taylor Swift – Delicate works really well and is my main song for this post. But that’s not it of course. 😀 Katy Perry – This Is How We Do has proven to be another fun one that really works well with the all the hip and sway action in this pack. This next song has grown onto me so much so I’m glad these dances work with Troye Sivan – Dance To This ft. Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea – Fancy.
This dance pack was a mainstore release from last month but with all of the dances Sync’d has to offer, you can always miss one. 😉 Not to mention who knows, maybe knowing the right type of songs to play while using this dances will persuade you to try em again. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Tea Crash.

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

– C. S. Lewis

Tea.. Tea.. Tea. Tea. TEAAAA. Teaaaa, Gromit.. lol. Apologies, haven’t slept yet. But I had a feew teaa things I wanted to share as well as sparkles and kittens. That’s a pretty awesome combo right? Sparkles, kittens.. and tea. Yeaaah. 😀

I don’t know what made me want to go green.. But I was really enjoying how these boots I’m wearing look in lime green. Unfortunately it is not sun bright light nice so I used the light grey instead and it still went along with my outfit. 😀 Man I love shoes that come in fatpack of colors. But can we take the time to just gush about this outfit by Cynful? X3 Especially since the sequins actually take on the color of light. (Bottom picture is a good example with the neon from the cart. Oh! Yeah the cart has neon lights on it that emit light. X3) And of course if you get this outfit in the fatpack, you get some really cool bonus colors. 😀

This is my favorite… belly button piercing… EVUH! It is so cute and it literally has fur on it that you can toggle on and off. I included a closeup of the belly button down below as well as the color options, mind you! Not the picture right under the paragraphs but under the gif below. You can tint everything on the jewelry even the kitty head so it will always match. Seriously.. My crazy cat lady senses are tingling here. Greaaat item at Kurenai.

I feel like it is my duty to warn you however, New Faces is not on marketplace. Sure you can search it but almost all of them are copybotted, so be wary. You won’t get any support for those items and might even get reported for supporting a copybotter. If it’s not by Gwen don’t chance it, just a fair warning. ^^ I also apologize ahead of time for my dark, dark gif. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my viewer to stop auto refreshing on me at a higher level of detail so I had to lower it as well as lost my actual windlight I use for gifs. Just blah all around right? OH! I didn’t mention I got a new laptop so I am basically redoing everything I had and missing a few things that are now forever gone. XD So I do apologize for my slow postings and me being all over the place with reviewing certain things. However if you have any questions on something I’m wearing, I’ll try to help. :3 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Level Up.

When I saw they released this dance, all bets were off the table. I went all in and did not regret it. I was so happy to finally have a dance that keeps up with Level Up by Ciara. Then the reality kicked in… what other songs are just as fast? o .o Best thing about it? It’s another mainstore releeeease!!
Quoting Farnesworth here but Good News Everyone! I found 4 songs that I fell in love with thanks to these dances. Along with a some that of course already knew but these songs help make this dance genre friendly. 😀
First one I’m going to list was a surprise to me, no I have not heard this song until now, shush. I didn’t always have a good source of music back then. lols Anywho it is Gorillaz-White Light.. Another track I just recently listened to and liked and saw it definitely works is, Nicki Minaj – Come On A Cone. After that, I was just going on a 153bpm spree, found out Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. works as well as T.I. -Go Get It. Nice little selection, huh? Apologies since I am working on 22hrs of sleep and deciding to cut this a bit short. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Woop woop we got another mainstore release. But to be honest this is so good I’m surprised it wasn’t at Limit8. XD Yes this is exactly the dance pack inspired by the song Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. That’s like my favorite Freaky Friday remake/parody ever now. XD And now that there is a dance to go along with it just puts icing on the cake. You know the really awesome part is how many other songs I found for this dance pack to work with. I really love when they make dance packs inspired by songs I know. X3 I especially love seeing men dance along with me then when I play the song along with it they get so hyped. Good times.
Anywho, lets get to the part where I blow your mind with what songs work with this dance pack. One song that sort of has the same tempo just instantly stuck with it, that song is Omarion Ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko – Post To Be. I also found that even my 2nd fav song Migos – Fight night works with this as well. I also discovered Nicki Minaj – Barbie Tingz, G-Eazy – No Limit & Big Sean – I Don’t Fuck With You to work really well too. XD See I was able to get more than 3 songs this time! That’s how good this pack is. Remember to play that youtube in the background when you try these dances out! Wishing you happy shopping.

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I Am You. 너는 나

I only ever listened to hip hop, now I’m acoustic.
힙합만 듣던 난 어쿠스틱해졌어 .


Time for a random inspiration post of wanting to wear stockings with heels and stripes galore. \o/ Betcha never even thought about using your socks with some of your high heels yet. Of course, given it does clip with some heels more than others but you can still make some really cute combos long as there isn’t much straps. Apologies in my gif though, viewer issues once again to where I even had to use Firestorm (haven’t done that in 2 yrs). So I know the quality looks completely different too, hope it doesn’t take away from the look tho.

I didn’t get to show the best part of this skirt I am wearing but it is down below in the gif. I don’t know why but I really like how this skirt shows a little skin. It’s also a high waisted skirt as you can see so it goes really well with other crop tops. There is a matching top Blueberry made with this skirt but I was really hooked on this top. Speaking of tops, soon as I saw this on my facebook newsfeed I knew it had to be mine… seriously. I have seen a LOT of these kinds of layering styles in all the music videos I be obsessing over, so this was a must. I plan to own all these type of top styles in real life as well. XD

By the way can I just say how much it doesn’t even look like I used a backdrop for this photo? Granted if you are short like me, you’ll need to stretch your body to successfully lean on the desk, your butt touch the desk and you not hover like 2 ft over. XD Just a little bit of photo taking maneuvering I had to do, sometimes you can’t stay short for a awesome shot. Thanks again Backdrop City for introducing me to a new designer, never would of found this beauty. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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