Unrested Serenity

The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.

― Andre Gide

Hello all and welcome to my post of the day.. Unfortunately this should of been done like.. a week ago but I could not and cannot for the like of me get certain things to rez in Black Dragon one day and then the other decides to stay derendered.. I had such a hair pulling, nail biting annoyance but I want to blame Mercury Retrograde for it so bad lol.. I had to remove certain decorations from the glamour shot that you will see in the catalog shots because they just would not show up for me and it was quite annoying. Some items would rez only in Medium setting while others only High but none wanted to show on Ultra.. RenderVolumes helped none.. Just blah! I do hope I was able to show all the beauty in every bit of this gacha by Since1975 though. I saw it and instantly fell in love that it was pieces instead of whole.. So you can literally make it fit any room almost. It is gacha though so there is no modify so I thought I’d show how I was able to use it in a random skybox that has a random pillar in one room. I also really liked how the island counters comes with the decor accessories under the glass. I do plan to debunk why this issue is happening.. but I feel so bad making my sponsors and others wait as I try to figure out what the heck is going on with mesh objects and the rezzing issues with some decorations. Again, shout out to Fourth Wall for that Quick Credits! because it listed the land impact for each and every item you see in my pictures below so you don’t have to guesstimate! Lifesaver.. I cannot praise it enough.

With all that being said, I do have a new sponsor, CAMO!! Whom I’d like to thank for the opportunity and officially welcome onto my website. They make the best rigged locs in SL I’ve seen that can be so many colors. Not to mention they make some really good accessories as well. Really excited to see all that unfolds in this new journey. ♥

There’s also an event item featured in this post but I betcha can’t guess it.. unless you already went down to the bottom credits in which you’re only reading this to be like, hah! I do.. But anywho! It is Nonnative! And you can find this skin at LEVEL, you still have plenty of time to visit and demo since the event does not end until July 24th! Pretty much in that half-way stretch.

I myself am way behind on the shopping but hope to catch up whenever I clean up and organize two inventories. Wish me luck lol. Happy shoppings. ♥

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To Love Everything.

The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.

― Rita Mae Brown

So a couple of things first, I totally forgot the designer who made my eyelashes! >. < This is the one thing I fail with when it comes to appliers, not to mention when I frequent between 3 options.. Is keeping them on so I know how to trace back to em. @. @ I sorry, don’t hold it against me too much plox. ; o; ♥

As usual, I tried to make sure to show you the rawest form of everything I wear, especially when blogging a sponsor. So what you see in these pictures, is everything you can expect to see if you was to try it in-world. The shines, of course, need advanced lighting model, etc. on and all that. But everything else is very true to what you’ll see in world. And I wanted to make sure you know it’s all done on purpose with purpose. ^^

Now this is still Pride month and I wanted to get my colorful post out there and show support to all my friends and acquaintances who are of the LGBTQ community and who are not. The love is all equal and for everyone that needs it. ♥ SL Pride At Home is still going on strong and it is a mainstore event where designers have showcased their support for pride and each item at 99L each. Just click the highlighted name to be taken to the FB for more pictures and other products I didn’t get to showcase. You still have some time! ♥

Much love and a shout out to Rieri Town in Tokyo for still being part of the SL community. It’s not common now-a-days for every place I take pictures in stay around forever but always want to say thank you to those who do. ♥

Otherwise, happy shopping. ♥

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Almost There!

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. 

Norman Vincent Peale

This gamer outfit actually comes with a cute pair of girl male briefs buuut with the slipped off panties I felt like a skirt would be awesome to go with it! But I also didn’t want to show exactly… that I’m not wearing any panties lmao. Always trying to keep it tasteful but you can see the full outlook of this outfit down below in the gif. Yes the cable necklace does come with the top but nope you can’t wear it separately. ♥ Happy shopping.

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Holo Sex.

Is you into that? Let’s break the internet. We do it the best, when we have cybersex.

― Doja Cat

As always, my favorite part in this set is how the undies, banana and (what I’m not wearing in this picture) selfie stick and phone comes with poses. I was able to use one of the poses that came with the naughty banana for this picture. Didn’t work but I was totally trying to make the undies work too lol. The controller doesn’t come with a un-rigged version but you can rez it out to get creative and it’s only 5Li. Can you tell I have the song Cyber Sex on my brain? Hahah. As always wishing happy shopping.

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Take Pink Out.

“I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I would accessorize myself to the hilt, and I would wear flirty shoes because my world needed more beauty to counter all the ugliness in it. I would wear pink because I hated gray, I didn’t deserve white, and I was sick of black.”

― Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

This is the first time I ever actually tried to take a full body shot completely vertically lols.. It’s so odd.. haha but straight up it looks like it needs to be in a magazine article with a big ol paragraph next to it lol. I actually have a post for the Whore Couture Fair though! I can’t believe it’s on round 9.. I remember blogging the first one, 2nd one and third before I switched to specific sponsors. Man those were some good memories.

blah. crated a really cute Chinese Takeaway outfit for the event. Her dresses aren’t part of a gacha however her really cute takeaway box and certain fortune cookies are. Mainly the colors black, pink and red. While every other color is a common and still really just as cute. I always loved the pastel colors of blah. Not too hard to find colors to blend with em. Her dresses fit belleza, maitreya and hourglass. Of course be sure to demo and have fun shopping. ♥

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Sophie Can Be Fun.

Hello everyone! I have risen from the dead of no posting with a super kawaii dance pack to introduce to you if you haven’t already seen them or missed them. Of course the dances cost 300L$ each or my go to, the fatpack where they always give MORE THAN 30% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances)(1999L$). Now if you are lucky enough to have some awesome, don’t care how they look, down for anything friends then these dances are like the best thing to do when your not afraid to express your fun kawaii side. XD I unfortunately lacked in this aspect and gave up trying to wait for my bestie to login to make a cute vlog like the many I’ve seen so far created. But I think I might have something really cute in store if I make a couple of alts, we’ll see.. Otherwise I am still determined to get my bestie to do this with me! I was still able to find some songs for you to listen to when trying these dances out yourself. Now mind you these dances are about..under 30 secs long, some shorter than 10secs. So it is definitely one of those cutesy dance where your stand kind of bundle.
To start off I actually found one of my old old favorite kpop band songs to go perfectly with this. Even the one where their dressed in animal suits. XD But yeah, TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘Hi Ya Ya as well as a few of their others I found to be really nice. I also found Lenka – Everything At Once to be super cute and work out with this dance pack as well.
You can stop by the mainstore to try these babies out or even try them out at the Kinky event, they’re there as well. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing, until next time I do hope to give you some really awesome material to either watch or oogle at next time!

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Quiet the Soul, Magic Grows.

Be patient and understanding, as magic is gifted to those who do not rush their destiny.

– DulceRuby

Surprises surprises in this picture this time round. I say surprises because for once I am actually not wearing maitreya and decided to dust off the old freya body and try and give it another whirl. Never know when I might pop up with something different on, hopefully I do this more often because it actually is quite fun. My biggest con with this freya body through… The deforming of hands with certain bento poses.. Phew.. I hope that gets fixed sometime soon seeing how long this body has been out and just recently ot moving fingers…. But I digress. U definitely have to keep an eye out on my fingers when doing certain poses, in this one it had a bit of conflict with the bento pose and bento holding pose of the book. So if you ever had that happen to you, you are not alone and man is it annoying lol.

Ok on to my inspo for this picture!,, I don’t really have one. To be honest I think the most fun about the picture was adding the cats in randomly to add the look of trying to read an ancient scripture then all of a sudden some black sphinx decide to keep ya company. Think the wiccan side of me slowly trying to show lols.

This book by the way has some crazy customization that I did decide to show you to, to yes, hopefully entice you to get one yourself for picture or roleplay purposes if not already. But when you look down below at the pictures notice how there’s options to change the pages. That alone made me want to do a looking over the shoulder picture but I got so frustrated trying to make this one work I forgot lols. Did I mention how I really like books. Real life too. Nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened book.

I think I failed to point out, now that I think about it, how much I have love me some fur shawls… I know I confessed my love for anything furry but if that anything furry can also drape on my arms… omg gimme. Don;t get me wrong this is a sexy ass dress but maaan I was sold on that shawl. Especially with my new ears and tail, that I did not wear in the picture since I didn’t have anything crystal wise and wanted to break the themes if LoL, it just blends all together so well.

Eek.. I must sat I think this is the longest I blabbed on a post in a while lols. Blabbed so much I’m unsure how to even end it.. Besides the norm wishing a good shopping experience of course.. . . . Guess I’ll just leave it at that then lol. ♥

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Time to feature another dance pack by my other beloved dance creators! It’s been a good while since I reviewed some unisex dances. Also another excuse to visit equal10 as well.
This is definitely another reggae inspired song, a song so new I couldn’t even find the bps just yet. But what was really awesome was how easily I could find a bunch of songs to just merge so nicely together. Thank goodness for random autoplay because it brought the song Normani X Calvin Harris – Checklist ft. WizKid to my ears and maaan does it go really nicely with these dances. Just as well as Ne-Yo, Bebe Rexha, Stefflon Don – PUSH BACK. I was debating on doing a vlog actually with these dances but I changed my mind after my sudden and sad departure from Windows Movie Maker. Until I can figure out this dang Premiere of Adobe, hopefully I can do them again. But until then I really do hope you at least enjoy the songs I find and plug into these crappy reviews of mine. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥


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Take A Moment.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.

— Gretchen Bleiler

Apologies for not having much to say this time.. I do love having at least a paragraph here for you to read.. But I find myself a bit lost for words.. just sort of making up things as I go. Well.. I could at least freaking gush about ItGirls new body appliers and how much I have fallen back into their skin grace.. Or how I love this flipping shrug that Cynnful is hosting at an event.. But for now.. I needs rest! Thanks again to Backdrop City! I didn’t even know there was an elevator/apartment backdrop!

Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Contemporary Fall.

Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.

— Shehbaz Sharif

So I’ve decided to not take on anymore sponsors.. At this day and age in SL, bloggers are no longer unique.. The styles slowly become the same, as well as requirements most want bloggers to follow. To me.. this hinders my creativity.. Takes away all the fun in blogging and literally turns it into a job where you only get paid what designers decide to give you.. Many times what you are given.. is against your own style yet you have to try and make it work in someway.. Well no more for me. I have lost my passion in blogging and am determined to get it back. The sponsors that decide to stay with me..  I feel have never tried to dwindle my creativity, no matter how un-explainable some of posts are lol. I miss the random creativeness in SL without the competition of trying to stay the best or in the spotlight. With these changes I hope I’ll get back to posting as much as I use to besides just dance reviews.

Oh! Speaking of dances, I was accepted as MOVE! blogger! So be prepared for even more diverse dances. So diverse it might be a bit harder for me to pair songs with some dances because they are definitely club dances. Just dancing to whatever beat comes on. If there is one thing I will forever be passionate about is dances. Fashion changes and not always for the good but no one can turn down some good dances, right? XD 

Huzzah! For it finally being Fall as well, that will definitely trap me inside this house more mainly because it will be cold outside. XD But that also means I wont have to worry about bugging nail designers for mesh toes because it will be sneaks and boots season again! If you do happen to have me on FB, you’ll notice I keep asking nail designers to make some mesh toenails for these fingernails they be making. lols I don’t know if it’s just me but it irritates me so much when I have these fly nails.. but my toes.. my toes.. I can’t get them to match. XD Who the heck stares at only their fingers and don’t think about toes..Beats me but I will always be asking this question every time I see some nail releases  so you might see me in the comments! XD

I’ll probably be the only person who feels this way by the way.. but I actually liked this year of Hair Fair.. I saw some comments where people were saying oh it’s sp awful.. It’s like South meets West.. blah blah.. Yet I feel all the other hair fairs.. lacked ethnic diversity in hair.. This round we have more of it and I realize how most who wear nothing but straight or wavy hair is the ones complaining the most.. It bothers me none but just thought I’d point out some things while looking about on SLFB. So if you haven’t been to this round of Hair Fair yet, the sims have finally let some leg room and you should be able to get in with no problem! Although I must admit, I was sad there wasn’t many futuristic hairs this time but either way I got a few good wigs to last me.. a week? XD

I might also, if you haven’t noticed already, begin to post my honest opinions MORE about things I see.. deal with on SL along with sharing my photos. Of course, if you don’t care to know you can always just look at my hard work and ignore these words. But just forewarning, don’t expect me sugarcoat things, I’m not willy wonka. And what I post here is how I feel at this moment, I might be a bit wiser the next day and change my views but for now as you read this.. This is how I feel at this moment about certain things. Taking my blog back and making it fully mine, have a blog to be proud of and give unbiased opinions. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥ (o_ _)ノ彡☆

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