Keep it Cute, Jana.

Interesting video right? 😮 I think Jana can become my favorite dancer in the team haha. Another dance pack filled with cute shuffles, cha-cha slide and body curves all thrown into one. While the dances are definitely cute and casual, you’ll find them to be a bit more fast paced than you think. Don’t be fooled by the banner when it says slow, it can keep up with some nice songs.
There’s always a couple dances that are a bit of a surprise in the pack. We have a couple in this one where it can be a bit harder to say they will go along with the songs I’m listing. But thank goodness when you mix Move! dances with other dances of theirs, you create a rather unique set of dances out of two different packs mixed together. So I will say that 66 and 73 will be your little surprise charms in this box. You won’t expect what she’ll dish out for you between the rest of the dances.
The best part about these dances are the odd range of music I found that actually works with these casual dances. Some I’ve listed before while the others, might be the first time I’m listing them. To start off my list, let’s list some of the already seen before songs. YG – Big Bank ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj is first up. Following with Janet Jackson – Feedback. Couple of the new songs I’m listing, TWICE “SIGNAL” and Disclosure – Omen ft. Sam Smith. Quite an array of genres, right? Love when dances can be used in more than one genre.
Now you can find these dances at the mainstore, of course fatpack is discounted. I personally love to go for the copy version but transfer version is available, no different prices. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Alana Principle, Oh-O.

Alana is back and has some boogie in her pants this time. Of course a 20% discount is on either fatpack you choose.
One thing I’ve realized is these songs definitely has a certain beat it goes to more than others. If you are a disco pop, 70s-80s lover, I think we found the dance pack that definitely covers those eras. Now I do mean the upbeat pop/disco-esque but of course I always have a playlist to give an example of what I mean clearly.
You ever list so many songs you can’t help but wonder if you listed one before? lol Well.. at least you’ll have a variety of dances for a span of music genres. Alright lets get this playlist started, whose up first? Anderson .Paak – TINTS ft. Kendrick Lamar, Tuxedo – The Tuxedo Way, Janet Jackson – Feedback, Janet Jackson – Make Me, Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle [So much Janet, yaaaas] and even Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness.
As always, I encourage you to try these dances out while jamming out to your favorite songs to the genre I pointed out or any other ones. You never know what you might discover that will work. You can find these dances to try out at the mainstore. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.

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We Dancin’ Now, Jana.

It’s that time again!! I have another dance review but this time decided to go deep into the dance vault and review an already been released for a bit dance pack. Unfortunately with this being a older dance pack review, do expect if you try out these dances for the time to test them out between 30-60secs. Which is not a bad thing just expect certain dances to repeat when on the 60sec interval. ♥ With that being said onto the description of dances and music listings!

Now one thing you’ll realize soon as you try out these dances is that there’s energy shining out of you when you play these dances. There’s a confidence being shown all at the same time not caring how you dance. These are definitely the dances you want to use if you dance like you don’t care in real life. Now it was tricky to create a playlist for these dances. So many songs now a days are pretty fast pace without the need to chill and groove. However I was able to scuffle up these songs I found to be the best beats. TechN9ne – Blunt and a Hoe ft. MURS, Ubiquitous, Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta minus dance 42, SnoopDogg – Peaches N Cream ft. Charlie Wilson, Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) and Sage The Gemini – Buss It feat. Chris Brown.

But of course always feel free to try your own songs you like, as I always encourage you to listen to music while trying out dances. These can be found at the mainstore and I wish you happy shopping and dancing

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Put This Angie On You.

It’s time for another dance review! I know reviews usually aren’t hat special but hopefully those who return know I always like to take the time and make sure I can find just the genre a dance pack truly can go along with. This time Angie is back on my blog once more with more thighs and booty gyrating action. This time she slowed down her moves just a bit.
I actually found a few slowed down yet head bop ballads that went well with the change of paces in these dances. Of course there is always more music out there that will match but I try not to spoil every surprise. With this music I’m about to list, think as if you was using your body to communicate with the one you love using these dances. Okay, first up we have India Arie – Steady Love as well as Brittany Howard – Stay High. Those two are my top fave for the dances. But I also enjoyed KWAYE – Sweetest Life, Francis and the Lights – May I Have This Dance feat. Chance the Rapper and John Legend – Penthouse Floor.
I wanted to point out something I’m realizing more and more which I absolutely am thankful for since I am a dance hud user that only has second intervals to cycle dances. MOVE! started making each dance at least 30 secs, in this pack each dance pack is 30 secs which makes it change so nicely in a HUD. So big thanks for that. Remember to always try out dances while listening to music, makes it more fun. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.

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Angie Got Booty.

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not allll about the booty. Just about.. 90%. 😀 One thing I’ve noticed right off the bat, is how much I actually jiggle when dancing lol. Of course if your Maitreya you wont see that booty action, creators fault js. But every other body will definitely see the butt and thigh action when dancing. With this dance pack I cannot say it is a specific genre, just that you can probably shake that booty to any song you think the tempo is right. It’s definitely a bit more fast paced between 09-16 while the 06-08 dances are a slower intro to what you’re about to unleash on the dance floor. Then winding back down in the last four of this set. Something to keep in mind, there is three variations of speeds and certain dance styling when it comes to the dances in my opinion. I would say 06-09 could fit one song really well while 10-16 would fit the more upbeat and rhythmic songs. Then 17-20 would suit more a wind down time where you’ll find a bit more slower yet upbeat songs match better. Kind of like a cosmopolitan, three different flavors for you in one pack.
Now time for some music examples! Remember how there is three different kind of styles in this pack I’ll try to say which ones are best for which numbers, give you a better understanding of which you’ll probably love more. Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At is actually good for 06-17. While Shaggy, Million Stylez, Rayvon & Heavy Roots – Up Riddim, Busta Rhymes – Pass The Courvoisier Part II and Kabaka Pyramid – Reggae Music is some of what I found to be best for 09-16. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – Miss You, Sean Paul & Major Lazer – Tip Pon It and Tropkillaz & Major Lazer – Loko (feat. MC Kevinho & Busy Signal) definitely works great with numbers 11-16 best as well as melding nicely with 17-20.
As always, these dances have been recorded under real clubbing conditions. So yes, Angie actually danced these moves for you. I always suggest to try these dances when listening to music, you never know what song can work with what dances. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Dance By the Ocean.

Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. 

― Michael Jackson

Unfortunately, I have to dispute against the stupid Universal Music Group to even get my video to show. If you uploaded videos with song, I’m sure you came across UMG like I. Apparently they like to abuse their power and take away anything but don’t let them bully you and try to dispute it anyways. My video wasn’t even up for 3 minutes and was reported quickly by em. But nevertheless, I’m going to dispute them either way. I’m not a big fan of vimeo.. Such a weird site.. But at least they let the FMVs live freely. Unlike the assholes at UMG. Welp, lesson learned for today. I will continue to post on both and give a middle finger to UMG every chance I can get. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Get down, Julia!

It’s time for the review of the day! lol.. I have no idea if I’ll actually call these dance reviews that but it sounded nice in my head for that short amount of time… sort of questioning it now haha.. Blah.
Any who, it’s time to showcase some, like the picture says, some leisure, smooth and funky dancing. However when it says funky.. I didn’t even try to go over to my disco list… although I might now after finding some very unique songs that went with it… But it is most definitely, make sure you have a bit of room to yourself and dance like the music controls you.
Onto the personal Julia vol. 2 playlist! I think I should do the unexpected match up first which was Doja Cat – Tia Tamera ft. Rico Nasty. I don’t know why I like this song.. but was unexpected to see it actually work with it. Next is Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous ft. Timbaland along with Britney Spears – Gimme More. Actually you can pair this with a lot of Britney Spears.. Britney Spears – Break The Ice… Britney Spears – Circus.. Literally go Bri-Crazy lol.
Don’t let the word funky fool ya! These dances can be versatile as long as you don’t mind showing off a bit in the club. As always, try these out while listening to some songs. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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