We Dancin’ Now, Jana.

It’s that time again!! I have another dance review but this time decided to go deep into the dance vault and review an already been released for a bit dance pack. Unfortunately with this being a older dance pack review, do expect if you try out these dances for the time to test them out between 30-60secs. Which is not a bad thing just expect certain dances to repeat when on the 60sec interval. ♥ With that being said onto the description of dances and music listings!

Now one thing you’ll realize soon as you try out these dances is that there’s energy shining out of you when you play these dances. There’s a confidence being shown all at the same time not caring how you dance. These are definitely the dances you want to use if you dance like you don’t care in real life. Now it was tricky to create a playlist for these dances. So many songs now a days are pretty fast pace without the need to chill and groove. However I was able to scuffle up these songs I found to be the best beats. TechN9ne – Blunt and a Hoe ft. MURS, Ubiquitous, Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta minus dance 42, SnoopDogg – Peaches N Cream ft. Charlie Wilson, Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) and Sage The Gemini – Buss It feat. Chris Brown.

But of course always feel free to try your own songs you like, as I always encourage you to listen to music while trying out dances. These can be found at the mainstore and I wish you happy shopping and dancing

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You’re So Fluffy Kira!

Hello to all the lovely faces reading today’s post. I am so sorry for being quiet lately, I’ve been moving to my first house in real life and so glad… This is my final move for hipefully decades. I swear I hate moving. >. < I plan to unleash my creativity to the max once I’m 100% moved in. But you did not come to this post to be about me. Let’s talk about a recently new pack called Kira by Move!
I actually found it funny yet cute one of the words to describe this dance pack is fluffy. Makes me think of Gabriel Iglesias, FLUFFEH! I feel these dances are more laid back but definitely free spirited. You can actually feel the joy when you do dance with these dances, making them just more fun to use. And they are definitely more curvy friendly because my arms don’t clip as bad besides having big boobs lol. The songs I found to work with these dances actually are really nice and compliment the set so well.. They are a few of my recently favorite artists.
Alright, one song I’ve been obsessed with and so glad I have dances to go with it is Mura Masa, NAO – Complicated. Another being Jidenna – Boomerang and TeaMarrr – Whorey Heart. I even found one of my daily anthems Leikeli47 – Money to work really well with these dances as well. 😀
Like I always stress, always try these dances in-world yourself while listening to some of your favorite songs. You could surprise yourself with what songs they might match up with. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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