Solar Steamin’.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.

– Russell Baker ♥

‘Ocean Breeze’.. What a name and what a round this time at Collabor88. Everything summery, wet and beach-y. This time lets switch it up and rest ina  sauna instead. Cynful wanted to create something super sexy but keep it classy! This is their fishnet bikini set they came up with and it comes loaded with a lot of options. Each color allows you to switch between a shiny texture as well as a more of a clothier fabric AND you can wear it with just the fishnet itself. The mix and match possibilities with this set are endless! Tell me that’s not a freaking awesome option if you get the fatpack.

Big thanks to The Backdrop City for having this sauna out. I always wanted it but still can’t afford it just yet. Definitely a bloggers scene savior. ♥ This is actually over by the beach area which is still under construction.

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Lying is the Most Fun.

When the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin.

It’s time for another creative post this time with an extra closeup!

Since my butt has been sleeping way too often and trying to catch up on deadlines I finally found the perfect picture for this really cute dress by Cynful. Each color comes in 3 different overlay options, which are hud controlled. You can choose between sheer, lace and a soft lace version via a click in the hud. The fatpack allows you as usual to mix and match. It was for the Country Chic theme a while back for Collabor88. I’ve been fighting so hard not to just wear this dress with a cowgirl’s hat cause dang it it’s just that cute. But I keep having such weird inspirations, I finally had one that fit.

Songs are starting to have a heavy impact on me again.. I remember when this gacha first came out and I saw the fishbowl hair and instantly got Panic! At the Disco vibes. I didn’t know how but I wanted to recreate my own version from the music video and here I am. 😀 I hope everyone else instantly feels that nostalgia I did when I saw this hair. X3 If you have never seen the music video I highly suggest you click this link. I saw it back when the song first came out and I always wanted fishes floating around my head since. XD Maybe that’s why I liked 7seas fishes so much back when. I may be the only with a fishbowl on my head so just call me the die hard fan of ‘Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off’. Long. Ass. Title. Ijs. XD

Once again, another big thanks to Backdrop City for even existing. It seriously helps people like me that fall out of tune of what backdrops are even out on the grid. Another good creation by Pseudo to discover. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Have you ever felt like a phone call that’s been disconnected?

– Shannen Doherty

The two hairs at Collabor88 I’m sure is already becoming everyone’s favorite. With the different options of bangs or fringe and then still the ability to have hair forward or all back. I like that there is even an option to just be a ponytail if you want. That’s over 4 different hairstyles you can do with this hair or the bun version. 😀

I also really loved that even this hoodie came with 3 options. 1 graphic with words, another graphics that’s the one in my picture and a plain hoodie option. ^^ The hoodie has a really cute pair of matching shorts but I decided to go with the jeans and hoodie classic combo. I mean how often is it you get a really good pair of mesh jean shorts in a gacha? Hardly ever lol.

This has been a very lazy sunday for me. Back in the days I would of spent it on the phone chatting with my friends about what we doing at school the next day. Sort of nostalgia moment for me, lol. Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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New Me.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

– Gene Tunney

Lets face it, new year new you, right? Shoot I’ve been working on myself for 2 yrs. XD I think I’m starting to show for it. Mind you I use the free infomercials in the early early morning and just work out with them for an hr. It’s the best fitness cause your at home and not being judged. XD And now that I invested in a fit board, I think I’ll melt away all the stubborn fat I haven’t wanted since I hit puberty. (In case you didn’t know, it’s very hard to stay motivated when all your butt wants to sleep cut me some slack. XD)  Oneee more thing, a cat will keep you agile and on your toes so they become another great fitness tool. Annnd your spending time with your furbaby(ies).

Alrighty, let’s’ talk about what is special in this post. \o/ The couch in the background can be changed to any color displayed at this moment. If you want an all white couch, got it. A teal couch? Totally possible, it’s really nice that it’s HUD based. Saves up on inventory space for me. Lets see what else… We have 2 colors of jump rope, a few colors of hand weights and a couple variations of shoeboxes. Totaling up to 11 commons and 1 rare, not a bad gacha right? Nice and small. I think what I love about this set is how low prim it is. When you only own a linden home property, it gets hard to decorate. So I always low really low prim stuff. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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No Pants Day.

Home is where the pants aren’t.

Exactly like my post is for the day, in real life feels like a no pants day. So why not translate that into SL as well and ditch them pants, burn the bras! Okay, maybe not burn the bras because I paid good money for those sack holders. But yeah, I’m making Tuesday my no pants day for today, down with pants!

The only thing I couldn’t ditch is this FUZZEH! sweater. Can’t part with the fuzzies, it’s warm enough to substitute not wearing pants. Of course if your not a fuzzy fan like me this sweater also comes in cashmere. So for one color you can get fuzzy or smuuuth. (Spelled it that way on purpose. ;p) By the way, in case you haven’t realized it in my post before. I have another sphynx cat with me in my photo! I just love how they are posed. XD They just make me want to put a sweater on them lol. I did edit his eyes close just cause I have seen them sleep like that mostly on couches and it’s so cute!

On another note, I think this is my favorite bed in like… SL. Not only does it come with a blanket that messes up when you sit on it, but it also comes with laptops. And those laptops actually come with a power block! X3 So cute and freakin realistic ugh, I wish more beds could be like this. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To build is to elevate the mentality of self and others around the self to add positive energy to Allah’s nation. To destroy is to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive.

I had the most bizarre inspiration to just go grayscale as I can without being too grayscale.. I think I did alright.. XD I was seriously curious what this backdrop meant so I had to google it. Came across many definitions but even though I don’t always like to rely on them UrbanDictionary actually had the most clear explanation. I hope it’s the right explanation… because I know how wikipedia AND urbandictionary have uses edit information. Anywho, I came across the name of Supreme Mathematics. My instant thought is wait it’s about numbers? o.O? So I had to click the link, curiosity killed this cat lol. “Despite its name, the Supreme Mathematics is not actual mathematics. It instead is a variety of numerology specific to the theology and philosophy of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths.” Neeeever would’ve guessed that in a million years.. Never would of guessed learning something from a backdrop either.. o.o Not only is it a group gift but it’s a gift of knowledge. @.@ *mindblown* However if you want to know more about it you’re going to just have to get as curious as me and google yourself. ^-^

I finally made it to Collabor88 as well, in case you couldn’t tell. I think… I got everything I wanted, anyone else always miss like one dang item from an event and that said item just happens to be the item to take forever to be put in the mainstore? lol I have the worst luck sometimes. XD Or or it just never goes in the store… Going off track lol, I would like to request some more fingerless and finger gloves plox! I got mittens and sleeves but I need more! Yes, I can be greedy when it comes to accessories.. I blame fashion. ;3

I also felt it was my duty to mention that adored is having a Christmas Sale, 50L sale on select makeup as well as an advent calendar for the 25 days of Christmas! Who doesn’t love a cosmetic advent calendar? New gifts are released at 4pm slt everyday so make sure you don’t miss out on lipsticks! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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A Steamin’ Prowl.

If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there’s no hope for it.

– Albert Einstein

Guten tag my fellow readers, decided to spring some random German on you for no reason. XD I do apologize for being so quiet after my birthday. It is getting very hard to stay awake with the sun not always showing.. I hope to be able to afford one of those daylight lamps, see if that can help me stay up.

Anywho enough about me, let’s talk about this fuzzy dress! It’s so flufffffyeeeee! I actually really like that when you have the fatpack HUD you can change the dress color separately from the fuzz. I did a combo of pink and green and it was so cute.I also did another one that made me feel like the cookie monster. XD Ugh this and the cardigan are going to be my favorite fluffy clothing I own. Then I found some hidden rares from the last round of FGC that I wanted to blog but didn’t get around to! Tell me this doesn’t just go together like a dream. The leather texture on these boots really helped pull the look together I think.

By the way, remind me that trying to take pictures of a wagging tail is hard. XD Especially timing with rezzing other things, I totally forgot how hard it was to time tail movement. lol Thanks again to EverWinter, you were the only sim I knew that had a run down ferris wheel. I don’t know why I wanted to be on top of a ferris wheel but I think it’s pretty epic. lol Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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An Interesting Find.

You cannot open a book without learning something.

– Confucius

With this new month it’s getting closer to that time for a new round of Collabor88.. It is also the time for some more new events to surface soon! Just to name one off the top of my head, have anyone heard of Inspiration event yet? Maybe some decorations, clothing and so much more inspired by the celebs of RL. :3 Collabor88 will be open up for 4 more days.. And I just realized I have yet to been! > . < So much shopping and yet I am barely done, how does that happen. XD

Anywho, it’s about that time to start dressing warmly, if you haven’t already or live in one of them sun shining states where I can’t relate. XD But I actually got this really cute sweater during the Black Friday sale and I was so sold when I paired them with the boots. The designer’s short ruffled dress goes really well along with this outfit; I just couldn’t wear a dress while sitting on the floor. XD I replaced it with something quick for the photo since you can’t see it anyways but I was originally wearing that dress. I’m trying to be somewhat physics correct in my pictures when I can but sometimes I miss things or think about the perfect idea AFTER everything is already done. XD Remember I am still learning every day, so should you. ♥

Thank you to D O X for the extremely decorated cottage, I’m sure I will be back to see how the outside looks of the sim. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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A Happier Time.

Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.

– Andy Goldsworthy

Alright time to get into gear with the Winter cozy photos! And what better way to start than showing off this dress/fur combo of Cynfuls, accenting with the matching necklace of course. And and I bought new deer! I got me some moving, blinking and laying down deers! The family was split up but I brought them back together. Don’t worry I wont be taking ALL snowy pictures, I’ll still try and throw some random themes out there as more events open up. I will however be slowing down on how much I shop in SL. So I do apologize in advance if you start seeing some repeat decor and such. I am on a huge budget and unfortunately SL didn’t make the cut, besides premium. If you are a blogger you SOOO need premium, I’m just saying. The extra group space really comes in handy, as well as a permanent place to rez of your own.

Now, these heels are unrigged which means get ready for some good ol fashion resizing! And moving about, no feet are required because the socks are meshed with it. Which actually went perfect with Blueberry’s leggings. Reason why is because her leggings have the option of to wear her leggings with boots. So it makes your leg a bit skinnier and it made it to where I didn’t have to resize so much. 😀 and it actually went really well with the cute kitties. X3

By the way, I wanted to mention the piercing on my lip because your not going to see it on the ad. The actual piercings come with bento head sizes, but with my head being newer it doesn’t have a size. But I really want a bento lip piercing, so I played with every size that was included… I think about 7 or 8 and saw one went on my lip. 😮 Shoot after it went in a good part in the middle, I decided to keep it right there. X3 I actually really like it, weird and unique lol. Just wanted to share that, wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Pink Delight.

My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate.

– Thornton Wilder

Since the dress I wanted to talk about is a bit more covered up than I would like with this pose, I’mma redo it soon. ^^ I mean this dress has some hidden surprises most clothes don’t offer. One in particular I like, even though it’s rare for me to have my belleza on, this dress has Belleza Isis + Freya (natural + perky chest) sizes. I loooove me some perky boobies so for this to have an option for me to use it is a super plus. I know a few of my friends like that perky option as well so I can’t wait for them to find out!

Now.. I took the liberty to show little clips of what these ears and tail can do. Because, honestly these ears and tail have some frickin cool options in movement. Took me some getting use to what’s what but worth it. However, since I cannot upload videos to my wordpress I’m going to post the flickr link instead. 

The motion of the Ears ♥, I chose this motion because it’s the most bizarre haven’t been seen yet animation and a darn good one too! The motion of the Tail ♥, I love how fluid it moves like a really good wave.

As many of you probably already know PocketGacha has already started and I think I’m prepared to be broke… again. But did you know there’s 7 backdrops this time by Foxcity inside? Have any of you played yet? which backdrop is your favorite? I think the hanging clothes apartment one will be my next project. Dunno why but I love clothes drying in the breeze in pictures. If you played already, should tell me which one is your favorite. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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