A Found Submission.

True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. 

Henry Miller



Hello and good day all! I actually did this post last night but wanted to wait nice and early to show this awesomeness. I’d like to start off this blog post with the biggest bang possible… but I think my pictures did that for me. In case you couldn’t tell by this blog post, I have a a new furniture/decor sponsor! Which means you get to see my alter ego Cho-A~ Sinc1975 are my first actually and I am so grateful and thankful to them for giving me this chance! I only hope to show them proudly and beautifully as their items really are.

It took me a bit of time to figure out the positions I wanted to show of this Femdom Bus but I also wanted to keep it as… moderate as can be. I think I made it possible? haha Hopefully the Flickr police will think so.

But back to this awesome big bus I just got! There is a Male Dom bus and a regular camping like bus that I hope to remember to show you guys. The male and femdom bus are black like in the picture while the, I’ll just call it vanilla, while the vanilla bus is more colorful and more family friendly. Since I don’t have the other buses, my review on this bus is solely for the femdom bus. Try the other ones to see what they offer and have inside.

Now this bus comes with a body cross, a bed with a cute under-cage to decorate, a pole and shackles in the middle of the bus like I’ve used in my picture. The pole I found to be more of a pussy tease while the bed has a mixture of the teasing, regular sex, foot fetish, worship, punishment and some cute cuddles. The body cross and bed is good for some pegging as is the shackles in the middle of the floor. There is cuffs inside which anyone can grab when they sit and there is a chain script of course. So there’s 4 pieces of BDSM Femdom furniture inside and all comes wrapped up in a rez box at a total of 103 land impact. The bus itself is 82 prims when empty. The curtains you can open and close by touch but the bus is NOT drive-able, very stationary besides the rocking that’ll happen inside. 126 animations total, 42 which are bento and speed interchangeable. All in all, get this bus. There’s 3 styles to choose from and this one is spiceh! Happy shopping!

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Take Pink Out.

“I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I would accessorize myself to the hilt, and I would wear flirty shoes because my world needed more beauty to counter all the ugliness in it. I would wear pink because I hated gray, I didn’t deserve white, and I was sick of black.”

― Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

This is the first time I ever actually tried to take a full body shot completely vertically lols.. It’s so odd.. haha but straight up it looks like it needs to be in a magazine article with a big ol paragraph next to it lol. I actually have a post for the Whore Couture Fair though! I can’t believe it’s on round 9.. I remember blogging the first one, 2nd one and third before I switched to specific sponsors. Man those were some good memories.

blah. crated a really cute Chinese Takeaway outfit for the event. Her dresses aren’t part of a gacha however her really cute takeaway box and certain fortune cookies are. Mainly the colors black, pink and red. While every other color is a common and still really just as cute. I always loved the pastel colors of blah. Not too hard to find colors to blend with em. Her dresses fit belleza, maitreya and hourglass. Of course be sure to demo and have fun shopping. ♥

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Into You.

“Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel… City of Night? ”

― Jim Morrison

Hello hellos, it’s been a long while since we last chatted beyond the dances I’ve shown earlier in the month. As days go by the words I have to say seem fewer and fewer. I hate that at times, makes me seem so boring and I know people like to have sooomething to read when it comes to a fashion post. Even a magazine has articles haha..

It’s actually funny, the more I look at my own picture.. The more I feel like I heavily edited it when I know I didn’t. It’s surprising what just placing the right lighting can do. It actually looks like I did a green screen and just plugged myself in certain places haha when I actually took the picture on an actual 3D backdrop. As much as the viewer annoys me and I hate that my eyes and head follow my every movement like going back to 2008 SL, Black Dragon can be a really good viewer. Firestorm team, seriously step your game up. XD

Onto this lovely corset made by Milk Tea that’s actually being hosted at an event. It’s a suuuper cute corset, of course with any long corset you’ll want to mess with your hips or saddlebags if you find yourself looking a bit too wide like I did haha. It had me bust out maitreya again since it’s not fitted to freya, it’s been so long wearing maitreya I had to redo my whole shape to fit my new tastes lols. This corset comes in 5 different colorful, floral patterns. I was about to do the blue one when I saw there was a black color as well and decided to try and make black shine. If you do try out this corset I suggest using applier underwear instead of mesh. With as long as the corset goes, no underwears strings is low enough not to poke out. So definitely pull out them underwear appliers or have your coochie out!

Oh! I also got random inspiration to do a few other pictures while trying to find a pose that worked with the corset so I though I’d share it at the waay bottom haha. Now it’s time for me to have some breakfast and then work on some more motivation to get a vlog out next. Yup, I’m still trying to get a vlog out I haven’t forgotten just can’t find a good editing software that I understand yet. Thanks again to Backdrop City Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Living the Moment.

Every moment in our lives is a miracle we should enjoy instead of ignoring.

– Yoko Ono

I do apologize in advance while I’m making this post since I’m rushing, hectic RL as usual and just busy busy working lols. I do miss taking the time to post something really nice though.. So I thought it would be a nice post to remind those to live in the moment. It’s ok to worry a little about the future but always live in the moment. Never know what might happen tomorrrow. Wishing you happy shopping.♥

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New Feels.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy New Years everyone!! When I first started to write up this post it wasn’t new years buuut with me trying to multi-task more than my brain can comprehend it is now New Years and I get to say Happy New Years to you all so I’m going to milk this opportunity right.. now.

Lemme just start with the biggest apologies if my resolution seems wonky. Photoshop decided to corrupt my main image I was working on when adding a reflection image to the base of it. Note to myself to save each major change separately rather than relying on just one psd for one picture.. sigh… I tried my best to recover it but only you guys could truly tell me hehe. I also apologize for my bad gif this time, my windlights resetted and now I need to spend time trying to fix up a new one lols. Such a bright one!

So not to make this post about me but I was actually praised recently in a way that touched me very deeply.. I was.. am struggling to keep my interest in what I love doing mainly because I don’t feel as though I’m helping anyone. But when I hear from anyone that they are inspired.. was able to find different stores.. branch out.. It motivates me to keep going, as if my voice isn’t falling on phantom ears.  But I just wanted to give a public thank you to all those who either just discovered me and like me, been following me and I don’t know you’ve been following that long and appreciate the hell out of y’all and all of the in betweens because I’m pretty sure this is a run on sentence from hell..  But either way Thank you sooo much from the bottom of this icy heart. ♥

I do really hope people can see the progress I’ve been making as much as I do and actually enjoy it.. I do try and strive to better myself with each post. Granted some days my head is not always in the game and I’m scrambling to make deadlines to where I’m pretty sure the struggles are shown. I have minimized how many sponsors I take on because of that so I didn’t feel stress and I can truly show designers items the way I want and paint a picture with them. I am truly grateful for all the sponsors that kept me around and treat them like VIPs for it, without them don’t think I’d last this long either.

Anywho, I’m starting to ramble from lack of sleep and I should snuggle with my pillow like this cardigan is snuggling my avi.. By the way FLUFFFY cardigan.. lol. Happy shopping and Happy New Years.♥

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Quiet the Soul, Magic Grows.

Be patient and understanding, as magic is gifted to those who do not rush their destiny.

– DulceRuby

Surprises surprises in this picture this time round. I say surprises because for once I am actually not wearing maitreya and decided to dust off the old freya body and try and give it another whirl. Never know when I might pop up with something different on, hopefully I do this more often because it actually is quite fun. My biggest con with this freya body through… The deforming of hands with certain bento poses.. Phew.. I hope that gets fixed sometime soon seeing how long this body has been out and just recently ot moving fingers…. But I digress. U definitely have to keep an eye out on my fingers when doing certain poses, in this one it had a bit of conflict with the bento pose and bento holding pose of the book. So if you ever had that happen to you, you are not alone and man is it annoying lol.

Ok on to my inspo for this picture!,, I don’t really have one. To be honest I think the most fun about the picture was adding the cats in randomly to add the look of trying to read an ancient scripture then all of a sudden some black sphinx decide to keep ya company. Think the wiccan side of me slowly trying to show lols.

This book by the way has some crazy customization that I did decide to show you to, to yes, hopefully entice you to get one yourself for picture or roleplay purposes if not already. But when you look down below at the pictures notice how there’s options to change the pages. That alone made me want to do a looking over the shoulder picture but I got so frustrated trying to make this one work I forgot lols. Did I mention how I really like books. Real life too. Nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened book.

I think I failed to point out, now that I think about it, how much I have love me some fur shawls… I know I confessed my love for anything furry but if that anything furry can also drape on my arms… omg gimme. Don;t get me wrong this is a sexy ass dress but maaan I was sold on that shawl. Especially with my new ears and tail, that I did not wear in the picture since I didn’t have anything crystal wise and wanted to break the themes if LoL, it just blends all together so well.

Eek.. I must sat I think this is the longest I blabbed on a post in a while lols. Blabbed so much I’m unsure how to even end it.. Besides the norm wishing a good shopping experience of course.. . . . Guess I’ll just leave it at that then lol. ♥

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Hater Proof.

Can’t see all the haters when I got my love glasses on

– Anon.

Now in no way do I think I have haters, admirers or even stand-byers. However I was totally inspired by this post by simple cute ass meme of a guniea pig with love glasses on with the phrase, “Can’t see all the haters when I got my love glasses on.” Now she didn’t even pay attention to how I was wearing these cute glasses by Blah or that I was wearing furry clothing so in that instant the thought popped into my head. ‘This has to be a blog post.’ And there she waaas… lol If you never seen the picture before, you gotta see it here, I love guniea pigs already so it just made me love the picture more. Wishing you happy shopping. 

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Quirks and All.

Rosie the elephant, “Is she going to be ok?”

Usif the unicorn, “What’s wrong with her eyes?”

“Yes, she’ll be just fine now. There’s nothing wrong with her eyes Usif, they’re just as unique as she is.”

Duke the pomeranian, “Indeed, we all have our special quirks.”

I don’t know why but I had the strongest urge to make a cute story while wearing this really cute lingerie by Milk Tea. It doesn’t come with panties but it does come in four different colors and I actually almost blogged the blue but felt pink was matching a lot better with my critters. X3 Then I felt like a motherly being to unusual and unique creatures so then this picture was born! lol I hope it wasn’t too simple since I was just going off the top of my head and just spewing words onto a document.

Oh my dog though, Blaaack Friday is kicking my buuuutt, ohhh yeaaah. I have definitely fallen behind on organizing my inventory once again! Will this vicious cycle ever ennnd?. . . Anywho, humble apologies as I try to blog while organizing all these dang items I’m getting during these sales.. I was prepared this year! For once in my SLife I was prepared for Black Frid-yah! Now I’m just bearing the burden of organizing all the nice and shiny pretty new things. Inventory music  montage here I come! Lol

Thanks again to Backdrop City, I had no idea what to set up as a background for a random story in my head and then boom! It stuck out to me and was so pretty, all I had to do was derender the backdrop and some of the side ones to expose the sky and make it look more blended with the lighting and trying not to use spotlights. Should definitely try it out yourself if you want to get a more realistic sky while at Backdrop City. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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The Rabbit Caught the Cat.

All things truly wicked start from innocence.

– Ernest Hemingway

Dun da duuuun! My first picture back and I decided to make it a two for one hehe..

Bet this was something you didn’t expect to see in soo long. Last time I took a sexy picture with one of my friends was exactly 4yrs ago this year. It’s surprising how much time flies but also shows I didn’t try to grow in my friends and couple picture taking skills. So I plan to remedy that by not only introducing my bestie to blog more with me as well as a few others. I promised it before but now that my graphics are actually fixed, I can definitely take pictures with more people now. Well.. debating on how the reactions from this storyteller are will really determine if I continue trying. ^^;

No one ever tells ya how when your without laptop for over 2 weeks your artistic skills get rusty as hell and almost feels like starting from scratch.. So I do apologize for my rough editing.. Actually all I did was add shadows to this picture, everything else was pretty much the viewer. Eep! I just realized this is my first picture in soo long. o .o Definitely feels good to break the silence of over a month! Even though my blog hasn’t been as silent my Flickr and such has been and I’m so sorry my other medias! I’m back! Please revive back with me.

Also a big thanks to Backdrop City for actually having the complete gacha set out.. All it did was make me try and hunt down yardsales even more to finish it myself lol. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Take A Moment.

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.

— Gretchen Bleiler

Apologies for not having much to say this time.. I do love having at least a paragraph here for you to read.. But I find myself a bit lost for words.. just sort of making up things as I go. Well.. I could at least freaking gush about ItGirls new body appliers and how much I have fallen back into their skin grace.. Or how I love this flipping shrug that Cynnful is hosting at an event.. But for now.. I needs rest! Thanks again to Backdrop City! I didn’t even know there was an elevator/apartment backdrop!

Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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