Red Magic.

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hello all you lovely readers! I do apologize in advance for my slowness.. Hopefully it shows what I am trying to learn.. expand on.. etc. when it comes to making a picture more fun to look at. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a gnat and continue to get distracted by other ps tutorials on Youtube.. It really is a sanctum for procrastinators… as well as creativity, Youtube. Either way I decided to have fun with an image to show off another new skin by Nonnative in a unique way. I do hope you this picture, I know I have much to learn but it is really fun to see my progress and others like it as well. You can find this skin at the WIP event… Unfortunately the abbreviations for this event escapes me lol. I do however remember it ends on July 22nd so you still have a couple days left! As usual the skin comes with a brow shaper, shape that is shown in the ad, browless option and comes in 5 tones. You can find the makeup I’m wearing at their mainstore, no event required lol. Happy shopping! ♥

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I think television has had a vast, unbelievable impact on us.

― Billy Graham

Woohoo! My first blog post featuring both avatars of mine. Feel like a Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde vibes right now that I am just loving lol. Except for it would be Dr. Bee and Ms. Choi.. or is it Dr. Choi and Ms. Bee.. nah I think I like the first one more…

Oh! Before I get carried away in my own mind, this is actually a gacha glamour shot! Yup, this is all about them headshots and I don’t mean Fallout. [bad joke] SO, down below you’ll find a GiF of the all the heads offered at the Gacha Land event by Since1975, I did almost forget the books, so I did a shoddy crop in for it. Just ignore the instant switch from TV to Books.. Better yet maybe it’s a sign of what is needed to be done more.. Books than TV…

Anywho! It’s been quite a while since I did a random unique photo. I hope the randomness is loved just as much as I loved randomly thinking about it. I always wanted to do a picture with having a television head.. annnd I forgot all the ideas I had until AFTER I randomly came up with this one. The monster apple on the floor by me is actually a head in this gacha and it randomly made me think of a lot of horror movies which probably inspired this photo a bit..  A little bit of a Twilight Zone meets Stephen King lol. One of the apples happen to transform all the while the channel we fell asleep to had an unbelievable impact on our unconsciousness. Yes this randomly developed in my mind all the while placing props lol. But this is a preview! The event itself does not open until July 1st, good thing it’s not far right?

Oh a quick and unpopular opinion shout out to Fourth Wall for making this awesome Quick Credits HUD thingy I got on sale.. Like the whole ad says, it’s a bloggers dream! It even listed the land impact of everything in the scene! Any blogger I think can agree with me that the details is the most annoying and hardest part.  And this HUD just NAILED it to the wall and covered it with wallpaper. An absolute must for a blogger, it’s not hard to understand how it works either. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To Love Everything.

The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.

― Rita Mae Brown

So a couple of things first, I totally forgot the designer who made my eyelashes! >. < This is the one thing I fail with when it comes to appliers, not to mention when I frequent between 3 options.. Is keeping them on so I know how to trace back to em. @. @ I sorry, don’t hold it against me too much plox. ; o; ♥

As usual, I tried to make sure to show you the rawest form of everything I wear, especially when blogging a sponsor. So what you see in these pictures, is everything you can expect to see if you was to try it in-world. The shines, of course, need advanced lighting model, etc. on and all that. But everything else is very true to what you’ll see in world. And I wanted to make sure you know it’s all done on purpose with purpose. ^^

Now this is still Pride month and I wanted to get my colorful post out there and show support to all my friends and acquaintances who are of the LGBTQ community and who are not. The love is all equal and for everyone that needs it. ♥ SL Pride At Home is still going on strong and it is a mainstore event where designers have showcased their support for pride and each item at 99L each. Just click the highlighted name to be taken to the FB for more pictures and other products I didn’t get to showcase. You still have some time! ♥

Much love and a shout out to Rieri Town in Tokyo for still being part of the SL community. It’s not common now-a-days for every place I take pictures in stay around forever but always want to say thank you to those who do. ♥

Otherwise, happy shopping. ♥

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Meet Me at the Cafe.

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss.

― J. K. Rowling

I visited the same sim again. But this time, I went towards an area that had a in the wall cafe.. I say this because it was enclosed about other buildings.. gave me a feeling of some of the scenes I would see in my dramas.. If you haven’t visited Rieri Town in Tokyo yet, you’re definitely missing out on all there is to see.

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Cooling Random.

Yeup.. This is just a random lazy post I did.. I almost didn’t do a clothes listing on it. XD But decided to anyways… I have no idea why.. unless to refer back to what wig I’m wearing. But um… yeah, no sponsors or gifs in this post this time, so enjoy! Apologies if you see a designers name cut off in the listing. I don’t know everyone’s abbreviations lol.

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A New You with Selly.

Happy New Year everyone! I am so past due on a new years post but what batter way to start it off than with a dance pack review?! 15 dances this time!
This one was a bit of a stumper at first but I do find myself loving some choice dances from this pack a bit too much lols. I had to break it apart which dances were slower and which ones were more fast paced.. It gets some getting use to but I was able to break up some of the dances to show how diverse this pack can be. But I did find at least a few songs that did go with all of them too!
Lets start with the individual songs first. Because when it comes to dances 16-18 and 24-30, I found TAEMIN 태민 ‘괴도 (Danger)’, SHINee 샤이니 ‘셀 수 없는 (Countless)’ and KATIE – Remember to match really nicely but so much with the other dances. The dances 19-23 and 25, I found Katy Perry – Never Really Over and Jain – Makeba fits these really nice but not so much the ones listed first. With that being said, now to mention the songs that work with all them so nicely. Stromae – Formidable, Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes and BETTA LEMME – BAMBOLA.
It took me a bit longer to decipher this pack but it is indeed mixed with that girly, sexy clubbing feel. Not too overly sexy but you’ll definitely grab some attention. As always these dances are rerecord under real clubbing conditions. Wishing you happy dancing and shopping.

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Almost There!

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. 

Norman Vincent Peale

This gamer outfit actually comes with a cute pair of girl male briefs buuut with the slipped off panties I felt like a skirt would be awesome to go with it! But I also didn’t want to show exactly… that I’m not wearing any panties lmao. Always trying to keep it tasteful but you can see the full outlook of this outfit down below in the gif. Yes the cable necklace does come with the top but nope you can’t wear it separately. ♥ Happy shopping.

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Don’t Stop the Dancin’, Angie.

When trying out Angie, I had no idea what to expect but man was I not disappointed. It’s not a slow pack of dances this time, although I would love some teasing dances soon lol. But the fact I can jam with David Bowie with these dances makes me all the more happy. I was even able to match it to a few more modern songs too as well but always surprised when I can match it to older music as well.
Lets get on with the music list though! I already feel like jamming just looking at. Lets get the common ones out of the way that I love but list sometimes often. Gorillaz – DARE, Lady Gaga – John Wayne, Bad Romance, Poker Face.. Isn’t it awesome when 3 songs in a row match up with your dances? lol Daft Punk – Da Funk, FAKE TYPE. – FAKE STYLE and last but not least… David Bowie – Underground. Now that was an awesome find in my eyes. Haha can you guess the type of dances to experience with this list? Even the dances I imagine looking at this list don’t even come close tot he actual dance experience.
As always make sure to listen to some awesome tunes when you try out dances! Never know what might make you love this dance pack like I do. You can find these at a few latest events but skip the extra rezzing and try them out at the mainstore! The Dances cost 300L$ each or the always money saving option of fatpack, my personal fav (10 Dances) (2399L$).
As always these dances are rerecord under real clubbing conditions. Wishing you happy dancing and shopping.

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Ah-sss Push It, Selly.

My first time blogging Selly, so hello Selly! She’s from Switzerland, y’know. At first trying these dances I was like oh my goodness! How the heck will I find songs to go with such fast paced dancing… That’s what I get for listening to R&B for the past few days, had to speed up my thinking. Then I was able to realize these dances are great for a good majority of 80s songs as well as certain 00s songs! Just goes to prove me once again, never know what dances will match up with which songs..
I have a good list of songs for ya this time. So excited to share these genres of music. WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance, Ready For The World – Oh Sheila, Salt-N-Pepa – Push It, Madonna – Into The Groove, Wang Chung – Everybody have fun tonight annnnd Say Yes – Michelle Williams ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland. Haha was you ready for a gospel song to be the last one? That one was a awesome surprise to me.
Also! Theses are being sold at a Thank You price offer. The Dances cost 300L$ each. They give MORE THAN 20% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) (1999L$). You can find them in-world at the mainstore!

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