Keep it Cute, Jana.

Interesting video right? 😮 I think Jana can become my favorite dancer in the team haha. Another dance pack filled with cute shuffles, cha-cha slide and body curves all thrown into one. While the dances are definitely cute and casual, you’ll find them to be a bit more fast paced than you think. Don’t be fooled by the banner when it says slow, it can keep up with some nice songs.
There’s always a couple dances that are a bit of a surprise in the pack. We have a couple in this one where it can be a bit harder to say they will go along with the songs I’m listing. But thank goodness when you mix Move! dances with other dances of theirs, you create a rather unique set of dances out of two different packs mixed together. So I will say that 66 and 73 will be your little surprise charms in this box. You won’t expect what she’ll dish out for you between the rest of the dances.
The best part about these dances are the odd range of music I found that actually works with these casual dances. Some I’ve listed before while the others, might be the first time I’m listing them. To start off my list, let’s list some of the already seen before songs. YG – Big Bank ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj is first up. Following with Janet Jackson – Feedback. Couple of the new songs I’m listing, TWICE “SIGNAL” and Disclosure – Omen ft. Sam Smith. Quite an array of genres, right? Love when dances can be used in more than one genre.
Now you can find these dances at the mainstore, of course fatpack is discounted. I personally love to go for the copy version but transfer version is available, no different prices. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing. ♥

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Bad Boys.

Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwel

Fun Posing Info: The gun and walkie talkie in this outfit actually comes with a few good poses. The gun itself comes with 8 full body poses as well as a bento animated gun imitating shooting with and without animating your face. As well as 3 poses for just the arm. 3 poses as well for the walkie talkie, both gun and talkie with option of left or right hand.

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Alana Principle, Oh-O.

Alana is back and has some boogie in her pants this time. Of course a 20% discount is on either fatpack you choose.
One thing I’ve realized is these songs definitely has a certain beat it goes to more than others. If you are a disco pop, 70s-80s lover, I think we found the dance pack that definitely covers those eras. Now I do mean the upbeat pop/disco-esque but of course I always have a playlist to give an example of what I mean clearly.
You ever list so many songs you can’t help but wonder if you listed one before? lol Well.. at least you’ll have a variety of dances for a span of music genres. Alright lets get this playlist started, whose up first? Anderson .Paak – TINTS ft. Kendrick Lamar, Tuxedo – The Tuxedo Way, Janet Jackson – Feedback, Janet Jackson – Make Me, Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle [So much Janet, yaaaas] and even Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness.
As always, I encourage you to try these dances out while jamming out to your favorite songs to the genre I pointed out or any other ones. You never know what you might discover that will work. You can find these dances to try out at the mainstore. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing.

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Summer Gaming.

The sky is one whole, the water another; and between those two infinities the soul of man is in loneliness. 

Henryk Sienkiewicz

I just wanted to give a special thank you and show my excitement real quick for Spoiled becoming a new sponsor of mine! ! I didn’t think I’d actually get accepted because of how sporadic I post from time to time. But best believe I gave my dad a slight heart attack when I cheered from the back of the house. So thank you so much again for accepting me as a blogger and I hope to do justice. 😀

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We Dancin’ Now, Jana.

It’s that time again!! I have another dance review but this time decided to go deep into the dance vault and review an already been released for a bit dance pack. Unfortunately with this being a older dance pack review, do expect if you try out these dances for the time to test them out between 30-60secs. Which is not a bad thing just expect certain dances to repeat when on the 60sec interval. ♥ With that being said onto the description of dances and music listings!

Now one thing you’ll realize soon as you try out these dances is that there’s energy shining out of you when you play these dances. There’s a confidence being shown all at the same time not caring how you dance. These are definitely the dances you want to use if you dance like you don’t care in real life. Now it was tricky to create a playlist for these dances. So many songs now a days are pretty fast pace without the need to chill and groove. However I was able to scuffle up these songs I found to be the best beats. TechN9ne – Blunt and a Hoe ft. MURS, Ubiquitous, Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta minus dance 42, SnoopDogg – Peaches N Cream ft. Charlie Wilson, Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) and Sage The Gemini – Buss It feat. Chris Brown.

But of course always feel free to try your own songs you like, as I always encourage you to listen to music while trying out dances. These can be found at the mainstore and I wish you happy shopping and dancing

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Tarot Pocus.

Creativity flows when curiosity is stoked.

― Neil Blumenthal

“Remember what your uncles told you..,” a worried Patience stares at the stack of cards. “Oh come on, it’s just tarot cards. The definition behind them doesn’t apply to me. What could possibly go wrong?,” exclaimed Choi before feeling a sudden odd presence. 

A stream of glittering flashing lights becomes visually noticeable above their heads, slowly spiraling down from the ceiling. A dimmed, sun-like glow begins to emit as the sparkles surrounds the cards.

“. . .Pretty sure I’ve read this in a book once. Please don’t do it..,” Patience begged.

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