about me. [please read]

In SecondLife my legacy name is Choitato Resident, this is my blogging and creative alt. I was able to claim the username I wanted before they introduced paying to change your username but at least my account isn’t new! Bee Mysterious is my interior and exterior decorating alt. I found it best to keep furniture and fashion separate when it comes to inventories lol. Save so much more space. So if I apply for your brand, these are the only two accounts I use.

I’ve been blogging since.. 2013 of July, my very first blog was named curve the dulce. My first time going solo and still surprising I’ve done at least 350+ posts on that one blog.

Brief History on ahchoo-e!

I created ahchoo-e! after my mum passed away in my first life and I had finish taking a year break from SL. I blamed myself and SL for holding my attention so tightly that I didn’t realize my final days with my mum was those two weeks.. My mother loved my blog, she loved my drawings more but understood the whole carpal tunnel thing so she showed her support in my blogging. I didn’t feel right not blogging and felt I got the ok from my mum to continue what I always loved. So here’s ahchoo-e now, about 4 years later and I haven’t given up lol. I think I’ve learned a lot over these years and made improvements that satisfy myself.

I do suffer from narcolepsy and in the process of trying to get it more under control. Until it makes it a bit harder for me to hit deadlines but I hit them! I just usually be the one whose like 2 days or 1 day left on the Blogotex or near the deadline date. But I’d rather be just a bit late then rush and do an awful job showcasing the work I’m blessed to be given or buy.

So since I’m taking this page to talk about myself, I decided to make a little list of some of the fashions I love that I have come across. Of course there is more but I definitely do not remember the right terminology for the category. Remember this is only to name a few, list can and will be edited as I remember the other terms:

Harajuku | Pastel Goth | J-Punk | High Fashion | Ulzzang | Lolita | Urban Street | Goth | Casual | Drag | Geisha

I do not use a tablet I am all mouse and hotkeys over here. I tried to use a tablet but it’s more awkward for me to hold and be comfortable to use so bleh on tablets for now. I use photoshop for pretty much everything. I do want to learn how to use lightroom but for now it’s just photoshop.

Now let me apologize in advance because like I explained above, I will be revisiting this page a lot to revamp as well. Like I said, I can always think of something a little bit more helpful or insightful usually a day or two after a post. Love meh. ♥