Sophie Can Be Fun.

Hello everyone! I have risen from the dead of no posting with a super kawaii dance pack to introduce to you if you haven’t already seen them or missed them. Of course the dances cost 300L$ each or my go to, the fatpack where they always give MORE THAN 30% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances)(1999L$). Now if you are lucky enough to have some awesome, don’t care how they look, down for anything friends then these dances are like the best thing to do when your not afraid to express your fun kawaii side. XD I unfortunately lacked in this aspect and gave up trying to wait for my bestie to login to make a cute vlog like the many I’ve seen so far created. But I think I might have something really cute in store if I make a couple of alts, we’ll see.. Otherwise I am still determined to get my bestie to do this with me! I was still able to find some songs for you to listen to when trying these dances out yourself. Now mind you these dances are about..under 30 secs long, some shorter than 10secs. So it is definitely one of those cutesy dance where your stand kind of bundle.
To start off I actually found one of my old old favorite kpop band songs to go perfectly with this. Even the one where their dressed in animal suits. XD But yeah, TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘Hi Ya Ya as well as a few of their others I found to be really nice. I also found Lenka – Everything At Once to be super cute and work out with this dance pack as well.
You can stop by the mainstore to try these babies out or even try them out at the Kinky event, they’re there as well. Wishing you happy shopping and dancing, until next time I do hope to give you some really awesome material to either watch or oogle at next time!

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