When all this time, heaven was in our eyes. So, say goodnight, forget about it ’til the end of time.

Rina Sawayama

Hello to all my readers who actually read this tidbit I take the time to randomly spew from my brainhole. A bit of news first.. I wont be so much fashion blogging anymore. Going to hand this blog off to the talented Ms. Bee to keep ahchoo-e alive with furniture and interior posts as I chime in here and there for some.. support. Like here lmao. Either way, I may post a random fashion post here and there but it will not be much of a main focus anymore. Wanting to branch out into more things as well as do more photography pictures. So be kind to us both, thank you so much! ♥

So it’s been quite a while I wanted to be extra creative while blogging an already released item of Since1975.. Thinking to myself what have I not seen just yet.. and then I got the random bright idea of how I love Sawayama‘s XS song AND music video.. If you have not seen it.. literally.. Do yourself a favor and embrace awesomeness. You’re welcome. ANYWHO, close to the ending of the video is total inspiration for my golden look. As well as a reason to be draining.. To make the next powerful, protein drink that everyone wishes to indulge in! Muahahahaha~ Just a little bit more. [BOM was used to use the gold skin.] Happy shopping. ♥

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A Luxury Lavation.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week. 

Laurence J. Peter

So Since1975 made a beaautiful freakin’ laundry room set and creating this room I only had one thing in mind.. I want this whole set in my real life.. I mean seriously look at the neon, see-thru washer and dryer!! I included a video down below so you can see the whole room in action. [Not much to see buuuut the washer and dryer move!] I also made a realization which inspired the quote I picked out for this picture… The only way this laundry room would  stay even this remotely clean… is if I was single. XD Some are blessed with tidy partners but I am not one so I know this laundry room would neeever stay looking this clean. I mean the floors are reflecting.. That’s a floor you could eat off of. Anyways this set IS a gacha… so I hope you been saving up for what’s to be earned! Because there is a lot to gain and so much to give. Apologies in advance for my terrible caming. I only have keyboard arrows to move around when hiding HUDs and it’s not the smoothest tractor. Happy shopping and decorating. ♥

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Innocence in Nature.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

― Lao Tzu

Hello to all my fellow readers who actually read the random thoughts that happen to roam by brain during and after a blog post! This round I actually have a big sneak peak further into what’s being offered at The Gacha Garden on August 1st. Now this is only one out of the 3 features Since1975 has to showcase for the event and to be honest, all of them are reaaally good. I had to showcase this garden though because natural greenery holds a huge space in my heart… Picking up gardening in RL only makes me want to show how much I learn in SL. The best part is one of the rares is blank which is 30 prims less and then you get to decorate the empty beds with anything you want like I did. As well as there is a big space to add entertaining furniture for guests. Me however, I like to enjoy nature just as it is. Calm, peaceful and things running it’s course as I get to the opportunity to watch. Again, this wont be out until August 1st so save up those lindens because this is going to be one expensive event, mainly because you might want everything like me. Happy shopping. ♥

More pictures below. ♥

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Moment in Time.

“Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments.”

― Mary Balogh, Simply Perfect

Hello again all my lovely readers! I actually did not know what to write here at first but felt a bit guilty to leave it so blank besides a lovely quote I found. So here goes for a little bit on the picture itself..

I was thinking back to my pre-teen days when my mom and dad and I would travel to see family. One time there was this hilarious moment that happened with my mom.. lets just say I wish I had a camera at the time like I do now on my phone.. Sometimes you can’t help but think back on all those moments you wish you had caught on film in some way.. That was my inspiration for this picture.. As well as me growing my locs in RL and Camo coming out with even more awesome locs for the grid. As well as to show off this lovely skin by Nonnative. Of course all links and where to find them is down below. Otherwise, it’s hidden at the persons mainstore. Hope you enjoy your day though. Feels weird getting a post out DURING the day for me lol. Happy shopping. ♥

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Red Magic.

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hello all you lovely readers! I do apologize in advance for my slowness.. Hopefully it shows what I am trying to learn.. expand on.. etc. when it comes to making a picture more fun to look at. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a gnat and continue to get distracted by other ps tutorials on Youtube.. It really is a sanctum for procrastinators… as well as creativity, Youtube. Either way I decided to have fun with an image to show off another new skin by Nonnative in a unique way. I do hope you this picture, I know I have much to learn but it is really fun to see my progress and others like it as well. You can find this skin at the WIP event… Unfortunately the abbreviations for this event escapes me lol. I do however remember it ends on July 22nd so you still have a couple days left! As usual the skin comes with a brow shaper, shape that is shown in the ad, browless option and comes in 5 tones. You can find the makeup I’m wearing at their mainstore, no event required lol. Happy shopping! ♥

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Unrested Serenity

The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.

― Andre Gide

Hello all and welcome to my post of the day.. Unfortunately this should of been done like.. a week ago but I could not and cannot for the like of me get certain things to rez in Black Dragon one day and then the other decides to stay derendered.. I had such a hair pulling, nail biting annoyance but I want to blame Mercury Retrograde for it so bad lol.. I had to remove certain decorations from the glamour shot that you will see in the catalog shots because they just would not show up for me and it was quite annoying. Some items would rez only in Medium setting while others only High but none wanted to show on Ultra.. RenderVolumes helped none.. Just blah! I do hope I was able to show all the beauty in every bit of this gacha by Since1975 though. I saw it and instantly fell in love that it was pieces instead of whole.. So you can literally make it fit any room almost. It is gacha though so there is no modify so I thought I’d show how I was able to use it in a random skybox that has a random pillar in one room. I also really liked how the island counters comes with the decor accessories under the glass. I do plan to debunk why this issue is happening.. but I feel so bad making my sponsors and others wait as I try to figure out what the heck is going on with mesh objects and the rezzing issues with some decorations. Again, shout out to Fourth Wall for that Quick Credits! because it listed the land impact for each and every item you see in my pictures below so you don’t have to guesstimate! Lifesaver.. I cannot praise it enough.

With all that being said, I do have a new sponsor, CAMO!! Whom I’d like to thank for the opportunity and officially welcome onto my website. They make the best rigged locs in SL I’ve seen that can be so many colors. Not to mention they make some really good accessories as well. Really excited to see all that unfolds in this new journey. ♥

There’s also an event item featured in this post but I betcha can’t guess it.. unless you already went down to the bottom credits in which you’re only reading this to be like, hah! I do.. But anywho! It is Nonnative! And you can find this skin at LEVEL, you still have plenty of time to visit and demo since the event does not end until July 24th! Pretty much in that half-way stretch.

I myself am way behind on the shopping but hope to catch up whenever I clean up and organize two inventories. Wish me luck lol. Happy shoppings. ♥

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I think television has had a vast, unbelievable impact on us.

― Billy Graham

Woohoo! My first blog post featuring both avatars of mine. Feel like a Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde vibes right now that I am just loving lol. Except for it would be Dr. Bee and Ms. Choi.. or is it Dr. Choi and Ms. Bee.. nah I think I like the first one more…

Oh! Before I get carried away in my own mind, this is actually a gacha glamour shot! Yup, this is all about them headshots and I don’t mean Fallout. [bad joke] SO, down below you’ll find a GiF of the all the heads offered at the Gacha Land event by Since1975, I did almost forget the books, so I did a shoddy crop in for it. Just ignore the instant switch from TV to Books.. Better yet maybe it’s a sign of what is needed to be done more.. Books than TV…

Anywho! It’s been quite a while since I did a random unique photo. I hope the randomness is loved just as much as I loved randomly thinking about it. I always wanted to do a picture with having a television head.. annnd I forgot all the ideas I had until AFTER I randomly came up with this one. The monster apple on the floor by me is actually a head in this gacha and it randomly made me think of a lot of horror movies which probably inspired this photo a bit..  A little bit of a Twilight Zone meets Stephen King lol. One of the apples happen to transform all the while the channel we fell asleep to had an unbelievable impact on our unconsciousness. Yes this randomly developed in my mind all the while placing props lol. But this is a preview! The event itself does not open until July 1st, good thing it’s not far right?

Oh a quick and unpopular opinion shout out to Fourth Wall for making this awesome Quick Credits HUD thingy I got on sale.. Like the whole ad says, it’s a bloggers dream! It even listed the land impact of everything in the scene! Any blogger I think can agree with me that the details is the most annoying and hardest part.  And this HUD just NAILED it to the wall and covered it with wallpaper. An absolute must for a blogger, it’s not hard to understand how it works either. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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To Love Everything.

The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.

― Rita Mae Brown

So a couple of things first, I totally forgot the designer who made my eyelashes! >. < This is the one thing I fail with when it comes to appliers, not to mention when I frequent between 3 options.. Is keeping them on so I know how to trace back to em. @. @ I sorry, don’t hold it against me too much plox. ; o; ♥

As usual, I tried to make sure to show you the rawest form of everything I wear, especially when blogging a sponsor. So what you see in these pictures, is everything you can expect to see if you was to try it in-world. The shines, of course, need advanced lighting model, etc. on and all that. But everything else is very true to what you’ll see in world. And I wanted to make sure you know it’s all done on purpose with purpose. ^^

Now this is still Pride month and I wanted to get my colorful post out there and show support to all my friends and acquaintances who are of the LGBTQ community and who are not. The love is all equal and for everyone that needs it. ♥ SL Pride At Home is still going on strong and it is a mainstore event where designers have showcased their support for pride and each item at 99L each. Just click the highlighted name to be taken to the FB for more pictures and other products I didn’t get to showcase. You still have some time! ♥

Much love and a shout out to Rieri Town in Tokyo for still being part of the SL community. It’s not common now-a-days for every place I take pictures in stay around forever but always want to say thank you to those who do. ♥

Otherwise, happy shopping. ♥

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