A Steamin’ Prowl.

If at first an idea isn’t absurd, there’s no hope for it.

– Albert Einstein

Guten tag my fellow readers, decided to spring some random German on you for no reason. XD I do apologize for being so quiet after my birthday. It is getting very hard to stay awake with the sun not always showing.. I hope to be able to afford one of those daylight lamps, see if that can help me stay up.

Anywho enough about me, let’s talk about this fuzzy dress! It’s so flufffffyeeeee! I actually really like that when you have the fatpack HUD you can change the dress color separately from the fuzz. I did a combo of pink and green and it was so cute.I also did another one that made me feel like the cookie monster. XD Ugh this and the cardigan are going to be my favorite fluffy clothing I own. Then I found some hidden rares from the last round of FGC that I wanted to blog but didn’t get around to! Tell me this doesn’t just go together like a dream. The leather texture on these boots really helped pull the look together I think.

By the way, remind me that trying to take pictures of a wagging tail is hard. XD Especially timing with rezzing other things, I totally forgot how hard it was to time tail movement. lol Thanks again to EverWinter, you were the only sim I knew that had a run down ferris wheel. I don’t know why I wanted to be on top of a ferris wheel but I think it’s pretty epic. lol Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, to us! it’s everyone’s birthday long as it’s two Sagis birthdays.

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my SL daughters birthday (to the left of me) and my besties’ son’s birthday (right). So as you can see I’m fully surrounded by Sagittariuses, soon we shall rule the world with our weirdness and mood swings. \o/ I’m really just making this into a post so you can see my excuse for not blogging today. lol I’m celebratin’ my birthday! Thanks to my beautiful, sweet daughter for this impromptu birthday photo op. I’ve never had one before! Really warms up my Grinch-y heart. ♥ I’m only listing decor because this wasn’t goin to be a blog post. So don’t expect LMs but you can at least know the name of the items used. :3 Have a happy day on my birthday! ♥

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Challenge the Weather.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

– Anton Chekhov

I think my photos are starting to reflect how I feel in real life at the moment. Which is seriously cold! All I can think about is wrapping up in a warm blanket and stare outside watching the snowfall. But it just had to be a challenge to type, take photos and blog while trying to stay under a blanket. If only I could fit my desktop under my blanket fort. XD 

Anywho, I was still feeling a bit pinkish which gave me the perfect opportunity to pull out ANOTHER pink backdrop I have of Foxcitys. As long as I am wearing all pink I’m going to try and pull out a pink backdrop too since I have some. XD Make myself match so much it’ll give you pink eye. (Just kidding, I don’t want you to get pink eye o.O But pink belly seems even worse. >. <) Bad joke. XD …I just had a brainfart and forgot what else I would like to tell you. So before I bore you with babbling, wishing you happy shopping. XD ♥

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A Snowman.

When things stick together, it can be magical.

– Jane Lee Logan

So I was actually trying to just do a photo with my recently purchased kitten but noo, deers can be so jealous. I mean sure it’s the cutest photo bomb I’ve had in awhile and trust me there’s been plenty. XD I actually have them to just wander about and I find it so cute that every great now and then they’ll sit and rest. I don’t/didn’t know if these guys have an AI in them that makes them follow me but they do.. And sit around my feet just like the little one did in the picture lol. Then I realized the mom decided to photobomb as well, shoot I was expecting the father to show up as well. I can’t even make a snowman in peace. XD So I thought I’d show my little cute deer family struggle.

I did another thing! I found another cute combo that I haven’t seen yet, like I said, I haven’t seen yet. So I found that the fuzzy vest Cynful made goes really welly with the CandyDoll top recently made. I tested a few vests and they poked in the back some but these two don’t poke. And and I even got a few of Runaway’s hat colors to match the vest. I think it’s a really festive look for Winter and might be something different to try if you don’t like to look like everyone else. X3

A heads up about the top, it should work with most Catwa heads and some Lelutka heads. Any other head you try to wear with this top is a toss up. So please make sure you demo. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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Fxxk It.

It’s a romance without any tears of blood, a game without advantages or disadvantages. You come and go like an alto and soprano with different melodies.

– T.O.P. [Fxxk It]

**ALERT** **ALERT** There seems to be a limited item in this post. The backdrop is messing with my sensors, it must be limited. lol ((Too much android. XD)) But yes, the backdrop is the limited item in this picture. The color black/red of this is limited to 100 copies sold and since this started Nov. 18th, your chances could be slim. Of course you still have 14 days so I hope you can get the colors you like, me myself, I like the black and white. lol But you know me I like the versatile backdrops more than anything and grayscale always wins.

Have a few more events hidden in this post like Tannenbaum and Fameshed. I was actually surprised how many events was in this picture. XD Even my sponsor Milk Tea is finally back with new releases! \o/ To think, this is hardly the beginning of events opening for December alone. I hope I can get a break before the New Years. XD 

By the way, lemme just take this time to shine light on this freaking fuzzy cardigan! Do you know how much I love fluffy things? Long as it’s faux. XD The nails should give you a little clue. ;3 But oh my goodness, it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! Need.. more… fluffy.. things! Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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An Interesting Find.

You cannot open a book without learning something.

– Confucius

With this new month it’s getting closer to that time for a new round of Collabor88.. It is also the time for some more new events to surface soon! Just to name one off the top of my head, have anyone heard of Inspiration event yet? Maybe some decorations, clothing and so much more inspired by the celebs of RL. :3 Collabor88 will be open up for 4 more days.. And I just realized I have yet to been! > . < So much shopping and yet I am barely done, how does that happen. XD

Anywho, it’s about that time to start dressing warmly, if you haven’t already or live in one of them sun shining states where I can’t relate. XD But I actually got this really cute sweater during the Black Friday sale and I was so sold when I paired them with the boots. The designer’s short ruffled dress goes really well along with this outfit; I just couldn’t wear a dress while sitting on the floor. XD I replaced it with something quick for the photo since you can’t see it anyways but I was originally wearing that dress. I’m trying to be somewhat physics correct in my pictures when I can but sometimes I miss things or think about the perfect idea AFTER everything is already done. XD Remember I am still learning every day, so should you. ♥

Thank you to D O X for the extremely decorated cottage, I’m sure I will be back to see how the outside looks of the sim. 😀 Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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She Escaped?!

Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.

– Alfred A. Montapert

Unfortunately I ran late getting my picture done in time before the event ended. But November 30th marked the end of this Enchantment round. There was so much creativity this round, I only wish I had done it more justice. I gotta learn how to blog a little faster. XD But man if scenes aren’t hard to come up with most of the time! lol

Either way, I was inspired to do a dark photo with this outfit that was at this Enchantment round. It was very flight-y but I think I was able to make it look very interesting. I wasn’t a big fan of Snow White and vaguely remember a raven besides I think spying? I pretty much just treated him as if he was a she and turned him into a transformation of the Enchantress. I hope my picture can paint you a awesome story like it did for me.

Big thanks to Arranmore for the chauffeur and sim, definitely helped my picture a lot. Wishing you happy shopping. ♥

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