Sissy Them Heels.

MocapAnimations – Heels @ ECLECTIC

Guud Eveening one and all. I’m ending my Friday on a high note while welcoming in… MAY! And yes I totally imagined NSYNC when I say it’s gonna be May. If you don’t.. well.. that’s a boring life ya got right there and should definitely spice it up!

Speaking of spice.. I actually made a fun, spicy number this time to show off these Heels dance pack at the Eclectic Event. It actually took me a bit of time to figure out what genre of music would go with these dances.. I had to get really creative. I also decided to try a new way of recording, so I’m going solo this time to make it easier on myself. It was definitely a challenge trying to fit all 13, that’s right 13! dances total into one video. But I hope it worked out here.I doubt I’ll actually get it but feedback is always nice and appreciated. ♥

With that being said, happy dancing and shopping!

City Hacked Backdrop – The Bearded Guy
Naughty Hall – The Bearded Guy
Listen This – The Bearded Guy

Pastel Look:

Sweet Thing. BJD
O – Kim Brow
*PKC* Nia Nose Ring
F.Q. Ari Hair
GENUS Project – Genus Head
Lunar – Miki Bodysuit
[Cynful] Chilli Necklace
[DDL] Shine

Latex Look:

[Cynful] Chilli Necklace
O – Kim Brow
Sweet Thing. BJD
#EMPIRE – Nasturtiums Heel
$$$PL//: Juicy Hair
*PKC* Nia Nose Ring
GENUS Project – Genus Head
Normandy-Habit. Set

Neon Look:

O – Kim Brow
Sweet Thing. BJD
Kacey LaceFront Closure Hairbase
*PKC* Nia Nose Ring
– Secrets – Classy Piercing –
sixx – Chibi Neon Wings
ADN super high heel
Beusy: Vida Hair
GENUS Project – Genus Head
IVES. Glos-sin Gloss.
MIWAS / Dae Choker
Normandy-Biodyne.Leg Braces

Brazilian Bum ba Bum.

MocapAnimations – Brazilian Funk v2 @ LEVEL 

Hello all fellow readers and hopefully new ones! ♥ It is April Fools Day but there’s not fooling here! I have a special treat this time since I used a remix to make this video. So instead of one song, this video will feature THREE songs! I really love how the dances go with them so nicely. Mind, you these dances are definitely not short. But this time I was able to fit a preview of ALL the dances. Some might be short but you’ll get to see how the dances really go with the song. No fast forwarding or slowing down. All exact speeds so you can expect to see the same when you try them out! The event opens TODAY! So expect some hardships getting in the first hours.

I also came across a really good DJ that I must give him his props because if it wasn’t for his mix, I wouldn’t have known all the songs that these dances can go with. If you haven’t heard of him before, his name is OSOCITY. And I’ll be linking to the actual youtube link here. Very good mixes.

Hopefully you enjoy these videos as well as these dances. Enjoy the start of Spring officially here with April! Happy shopping and dancing. ♥

[Bad Unicorn] B-Block Backdrops Fatpack


O – Griselda Brow
Beusy: Athene Hairstyle 
GENUS Project – Strange
MAJESTY – Fashion Bikini 
MAJESTY – Fashion Bucket Hat
MIWAS / Dae Choker
[BODY] Legacy
[Enchante’] – Maddie Sandals


Cynful Mina Piercings
Cynful Nini’s Set
Eclat – Velvet Choker
GENUS Project – Strange 
LB. Helena 
MAJESTY – Fashion Bikini 
MAJESTY – Fashion Bucket Hat

Your Momma Can Dance.

MocapAnimations presents Waaking @ Eclectic Event

It’s the ennd of February as we know it! Oh yes it’s the end of the snow, so don’t blow it… lol Freestyling.. Oh my goodness I hate this new WordPress Layout! Who the hell told them this editing interface was GOOD?! Bring me back my old top toolbar style, plsty.

But welcome back my loyal readers to my third Vlog! I have a double special treat for you all this time. Not only did I find a new way to record and I’ve taken at least.. a week trying to master it. BUT there is also NEW dances by MocapAnimations at the event, Eclectic! We’re 4 days in and I’m sure you’ve seen some videos. But have you seen em showcased like this?! *imaginary magical finger points to video* Just like the other pack, you can expect to get a LOT of dances! 14 to be exact. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit ALL of the dances in video so I tried to squeeze in at elast 9

I actually surprised myself with how good Waaking goes with some rock music. I was trying R&B, Rap and Hip Hop.. it was feeling so.. been done. So when I was in a random rock mood, I noticed heeey I’m staying on beat.. and then boom! Inspiration! Asked the besties to channel her inner rock and thus a video was born!  So I hope you like my random rock inspiration take on these high energetic dances. Happy dancing and shopping. ♥

Bee Mysterious

Seul – LTX Pants
Ocular – Kim Brows
(LC) Barely There LouLou Swimsuit
.: vive nine :. Porscha See-Thru Mules
Addams // Lulu Aviator Leather Jacket 
Genus – Strange
Eclat – Velvet Choker
SEUL – LTX Pants – Kupra – Coco


#187# Monster Collar XL
(Yummy) Eliza Rings
.Shi : Eirene / Her Hair
::Smexy:: DARK Shirt 
<Agnes> Diamonds gloves
FK! – Monster Heels
Rosary. Black Affair . Nails
SEUL – LTX Pants


![YN] News Stand, News Agency
FU // MB E63s V10.7 Car LI:58
.::Indulge::. 2019 Bach Emperor Car LI:80
Gas Station Mesh LI:15
The Bearded man – Barrio

Coronao Nao.

 MocapAnimations presents Dembow @ Manly Event

To say you’ll have loads of dance time is an understatement with this dance pack. Which each dance ranging from 52 to 56 seconds long each, you have AT LEAST up to two songs worth if not more of dances before you see all that this pack has to offer. I literally could not show them all without doing two songs an one was enough of a challenge haha. Always a good reminder to demo them in-world. ♥

It was definitely a challenge to fit 8 mins worth of dances into a 4 minute music video but lets see if I accomplished it.

You can find these active fun dances at the Manly Event in SL as stated above. Definitely a must have if you frequent high-paced clubs. Big thanks to my male, promoted to dancers, volunteers lol. I did forget to grab the details of what they were wearing. My bad y’all! If I get the info I’ll update here. Til next time. ♥

TROPIX // Road Closed BackDrop
Urban jungle STREETLAMP

This video is being shared under the Fair Use Act and is for pure entertainment and progress of creating videos. No money is to be made from my videos. All rights given to rightfully owners.

Queens of the DanceHall

MocapAnimations presents DanceHall v4 @ LEVEL

Hello everyone to my official first VLOG of 2021. All of the videos were before was the practice leading up to all I’ve learned and more to see as time goes by!

With that being said, I am a new Vlogger for MocapAnimations! And with this being our first relationship, I must say I wanted to make a great first impression.. Hopefully it makes up for being a day late from the grand opening!

YES! This pack can be found at the LEVEL event! The LEVEL event runs on the 1st of every month and this month it ends on February 24th! So you have time to save up.

Please refer to my landmarks list on the side and/or above for other stores landmarks. ♥ Happy shopping.

Choitato Resident

hairbase- .N X KITTY
eyebrows – O – Griselda Brow 
nose – [vexxin]Diamond Stud Nose Piercing
belts – Eliavah ~ Corazon Garter
swimsuit – EVIE – Beach Affair
head- GENUS Project – Strange Face
body – Legacy
hair – Wasabi // Kirsten
nails – ~GD~Doll Boutin Vol. I
eyes – [Heaux] Cyber Eyes

Bee Mysterious

eyebrows – O – Kim Brow
tattoo – Hoodlem – Chyna x Reg
belly – Cynful Mina Piercings
belts – Eliavah ~ Vixen Garter
hair – F.Q. SpongeBob
head- GENUS Project – Baby Face
body – Legacy
swimsuit – [MERCH] Tiki Bikini
nails – ~GD~Doll Boutin Vol. I

This is Me.

Hello all the fellow readers and dreamers who are still with me on this site. I’m sure it went unnoticed that I’ve been quiet since September but lets just say a lot has happened and changed since then.. One of the biggest being, I decided to take on schooling again in SL. But this time, learning how to make videos.. While I love photography.. Videos are another thing in my life that I love to express in. Music videos are one that will forever be my favorite. With loving musicals, this is to be expected though, right? lol Anywho, I’ve been buckling down learning a new set of skills in hopes to accomplish I ever wanted creatively in SL. This is my homework from last week. I’m very glad my Professor loves it. As I made sure to tell the story of a dancer.. or one who wishes to be a dancer, me. Also, if you haven’t see the movie, The Greatest Showman, you are definitely missing out. Yes it’s a musical but it’s one that can make you change perspective on life. Thanks for reading this far and hope you enjoy my progress. ♥

This is being shared under the Fair Use Act and is for pure entertainment and progress of creating videos. No money is to be made from my videos.


When all this time, heaven was in our eyes. So, say goodnight, forget about it ’til the end of time.

Rina Sawayama

Hello to all my readers who actually read this tidbit I take the time to randomly spew from my brainhole. A bit of news first.. I wont be so much fashion blogging anymore. Going to hand this blog off to the talented Ms. Bee to keep ahchoo-e alive with furniture and interior posts as I chime in here and there for some.. support. Like here lmao. Either way, I may post a random fashion post here and there but it will not be much of a main focus anymore. Wanting to branch out into more things as well as do more photography pictures. So be kind to us both, thank you so much! ♥

So it’s been quite a while I wanted to be extra creative while blogging an already released item of Since1975.. Thinking to myself what have I not seen just yet.. and then I got the random bright idea of how I love Sawayama‘s XS song AND music video.. If you have not seen it.. literally.. Do yourself a favor and embrace awesomeness. You’re welcome. ANYWHO, close to the ending of the video is total inspiration for my golden look. As well as a reason to be draining.. To make the next powerful, protein drink that everyone wishes to indulge in! Muahahahaha~ Just a little bit more. [BOM was used to use the gold skin.] Happy shopping. ♥

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A Luxury Lavation.

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do forty pounds of laundry a week. 

Laurence J. Peter

So Since1975 made a beaautiful freakin’ laundry room set and creating this room I only had one thing in mind.. I want this whole set in my real life.. I mean seriously look at the neon, see-thru washer and dryer!! I included a video down below so you can see the whole room in action. [Not much to see buuuut the washer and dryer move!] I also made a realization which inspired the quote I picked out for this picture… The only way this laundry room would  stay even this remotely clean… is if I was single. XD Some are blessed with tidy partners but I am not one so I know this laundry room would neeever stay looking this clean. I mean the floors are reflecting.. That’s a floor you could eat off of. Anyways this set IS a gacha… so I hope you been saving up for what’s to be earned! Because there is a lot to gain and so much to give. Apologies in advance for my terrible caming. I only have keyboard arrows to move around when hiding HUDs and it’s not the smoothest tractor. Happy shopping and decorating. ♥

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