I apologize for being quiet this past week, along with having creativity block I get to deal with issues irl. lol I hope I didn’t miss any events while being somewhat here and not. I definitely have some catching up to do, I have no idea how other bloggers be keeping up with all these events.. ugh my creativity going raw.😄 Kinda wish the high demand to stay relevant wasn’t so hard while trying to juggle real life. Oh! But I do have a new sponsor to my blog! I like to welcome Stealthic! If you haven’t played Sism 3 or Sims 4 and used mods, you’re missing out. But thankfully now she’s in Second Life!  How fun right? I don’t have to godmode to wear her hair.😄 I hope to make you proud Stealthic. ♥

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alright so I decided to try and hone my creative skills because i want to become a master at photoshop. howeva! i wont be morphing or manipulating anything in the picture, blogged wise such as the clothes and everything. i want to just get better at editing a picture without heavy editing but nice touch ups. you know.😀 so i just wanted to explain that and i didn’t want to leave this section empty but i can’t think of a poem today lol. ♥

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Does she smile for being free; then why is she on her knees?

Does she smile for her gift; then what happened to her hand?

Does she smile because there was a punchline; then where’s the joke?

I think she rather just not be serious. :3  

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Frolicking along the cherry woods; a little sprite up to no good.

A pair of sneaks she spots near a trunk; 2 sizes too big so they had to be shrunk.

She tries them on and to her surprise; they changed there appearance to meet her style.

Near the tree was another sweet sight; a cool refreshing beverage that made it all worth while.

Every pix needs a break; but not many finds treats this late.  

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I so apologize for going quiet for so long. I would try to get a picture ready but I keep fighting with what I want everything to look like, wardrobe wise. I didn’t even get to show all the hairs I bought in this past Hair Fair because for some reason I’m hitting a dry spell lately. I notice a few others are either taking a break from SL or just plain leaving lately. I definitely don’t want to leave because I love expressing myself but I also can’t keep just keep putting money into this game. So I may reblog a couple items a few times, hope you guys don’t mind. Anyways, on to the details! There’s no furniture details this time because I took the photos at a sim. ♥

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i had such a positive feedback on my last post it made me feel really happy it inspired some people. unfortunately i can’t hit that big creative mark again at the moment with me becoming a kitty mama in real life. it’s my first time ever having a kitten and oh my gosh it’s like having a baby with a attitude 24/7 but still loves to cuddles. if anyone has some tips on taking care of a kitten and introducing her to two yippy chihuahuas, lemme know lol. ♥

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