I expected to have this posted a lot sooner then i am atm buuut I ran into keyboard problems. anyone elses’ keyboard get literally wiped and error’d in the middle of an update for it? well that happened to me and now i’m using this awful sticking laptop to finish this post. >< I am sorry if i miss any T’s because that’s the key that wants to stick and I use i a lot. ANYWHO.

I apologize I am really rusty with keeping up with all these events since some of them I try to avoid until I hit the lottery. and since that wont be happening anytime soon i can only not shop by not thinking about it. oh yeah i got that big shopping addiction, i sees it i wants it. like when i saw the Lona head of course I could only think of omg those lips. lol and then I have his wig and weave addiction too so when Hairology opened it was another bad case of the shops. I think hair is my biggest addiction because I get bored so quickly and need new styles. i’m just now becoming a makeup addict and trying to get as much variety as I need. thank god the Skin Fair had some cheap ones, wasn’t expecting to buy eyelashes either but heey. 😄 I should really look into when these events close, I know big events are usually 4 weeks to where smaller events like Hairology might be only biweekly. I don’t always  guess right now so don’t hold me to my estimates lol. I’m better with mainstore releases then events lol. ♥

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well why don’t i start off this awkward howdy do to everyone, i do apologize for my snail pace. it’s getting a bit tricker for me to put aside time for SL. i never really dealt with someone who had gastritis nor cook for them, so it is definitely a cooking and living experience. it’s also slowed down my work ethic towards blogging, am i going to stop? no, just reschedule and rework what i need to get done. with that being said, lookie i did a blog post! a couple of helpful tips and what i did to help accomplish this look. my skin is darker and if you use a darker skin like me make sure that when you apply the makeup apply the lipgloss first, save it on your master hud. then apply the lipstick to the lower part of the catwa head, once you do this depending on how it looks on you, adjust the opacity the little sliders under the lower tab of the lips. after you do that go tint part on the master hud select the left side of the lips, then click about in the rgb square to make it blend with your skin better. other then that make sure you wear tight fitting jeans with the corset top or else you’ll get glitches on the side here and there. you can totally ignore it but if you get OCD like me, use tight fitting pants. lol play it safe this hump day. ♥

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i finally got to sit down, think it over. dress up, think it over again then re-dress then think it over AGAIN. i finally was satisfied enough to take a picture. in case you was wondering why i am on this wearing maitreya body streak atm i am trying to see if i can actually get the maitreya as curvy as i want it but also not look like a whale in some long tight fitting dresses. nao, although i am not a strong liker of maitreya body a LOT of designers creations i like they only do maitreya. bummer right? i really do miss my curves of hourglass and sometimes freya once i look past my wondering torpedo boobs. so far i miss having an ass lol i really do, that’s the only thing the maitreya really lacks, that and some smoother saddlebags, who has humps on the side of their thighs? i can get it to work but it will not always be my go to body. anybody have a body that they just can’t let go?


annnyways i squeezed in RIGHT before collabor88 closed to change out and grabbed the fatpack of this hoodie. can i just say i love that i can color change each piece separately? like it’s a harajuku girls dream, srsly. all it needs is an update with some funky patterns. freakin ecstatic that i got cynful’s new panties to match with the jacket. it would of been a deal breaker if i couldn’t, i mean i gotta match somehow. and then i found heels to color match along with it. when i say moda makes it easy with her color huds, i do mean easy. sometimes i may have to tint a color a liiidddle bit just to make it match up perfect but anything with chains on em, i gotta have em. can we have some trap pants next please? lol ♥

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never thought i’d say these words any time soon but I am mooving irl! I have like 3 more days where I live and then I am on the road to find a new home. did I happen to mention how much I hate packing? I think I might be the most laziest packer ever. I missed out on so much while I’m doing this stupid move I can barely remember what events started, which is ending and holy crap it’s about to be a new round of Collabor88 already? no wonder bloggers need to say they are moving, this crap takes forever. x.x when is the next time i’ll get to post? only time will tell because everything is a bit up in the air atm and winging it. I will be back before the 15th I’m hoping, praying on because I have to change addresses for a LOOOT of things… did I mention I hate moving? moving on I am really late with showcasing… i am sorry. .-. i am trying to catch up but my imagination is working in 2nd gear… preeetty slow. i hope i didn’t bomb the picture taking at least. ♥

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this is just a really quickie post i decided to get out there before heading to bed. it’s so much a quickie because i don’t even remember what japanese event i went to recently to get these darn eyebrows. i know i know, 10 points off for hufflepuff. ; ~; i’m trying though! ♥

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Besides the excitement of some group gifts I pretty much ran out on what to say at the moment. lol ^^; when I joined the groups some were free others were not, so just be prepared to pay a fee if your not in one of the groups below. ♥

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Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out. Till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth. Till the smoke clears out, am I high? Perhaps. I’ma rip this shit till my bone collapse.

Music will always be my muse i will always look to it when i am in the darkest times and the times when i feel stuck. ♥

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