lets call this a quick post because it was a total spur of the moment ordeal. didn’t plan it but i totally rolled with it lol. i finally got my crystal wand [legal use only] and decided to try it while sitting down. well it worked with my pose and one thing led to another and wallah! unicorn haze! name inspired by the windlight in which i am using by namiko, unicorn haze. if only i could remember the website url for it because they are freee and you just plug em in and woohoo! colors! i wish i could incorporate the color windlights she has but it changes the color sooo much i can’t really tell ya it will look the same on you ya know? but i love them! and i need spelling classes.. ♥

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I have really been falling behind lately, I’m so sorry. I guess I should mark myself as a 2-5x a month blogger now-a-days. 5 being on a good stretch.😄 but seriously i do hope to get this alll straightened out, i wont lie i’ve been having creative block forever now. even with all these events it’s like so much on my brain it just wanna go GAAH mayday. but that’s another story another time lol. i do know one thing i am so happy is officially fall all the way down to the dead grass in my front yard. fall sorta inspired this picture i did, instead of a barn i found a windmill barn like… thingy lol. but this sim is seriously like my fav, should check it out. [X] ♥

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I’m not too proud of this picture, I think I’m going to redo the outfit. Not the picture itself but like try again showcasing the same items in a different way on a different post. Does that sound weird? I would do it now but I unfortunately just decided to do this. I’m chickening out on my layout at the moment. >.< I feel I did’t do the items justice and they deserve to be shown with JUSTICE! lol ♥

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 Happy October! My favorite month of the year. No, my birth month is not my favorite because it ruined many planned birthday events! curse you December! anyways, it also means i get to shop at a bunch of halloween themed events. i promise to have at least one gory post it’s like tradition for me lols. even though cynful made a sexy dress for the Salem event, i guess i proved it can be sweet too.😀 i actually forgot what inspired my outfit besides not knowing how to take a picture of it lols. leave me alone at least i tried! but i hope everyone enjoys it at least a little bit.♥

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So I finally took my time this time and I am pretty happy how it came out! Mind you this is my entry to try and become a Reign blogger.😀 I feel like a more covered up Miss Fortune, hopefully some of you know who that is. X3 But I love ranged characters I wont lie! So to even get this close in all my years of blogging, I feel so accomplished. I finally made a pirate! So many other bloggers have made plenty of pirates and I forget all the things I bought to even get close. I know it’s not a DEAD ON Miss Fortune but do you guys like it? Hopefully you’ll guys try this outfit if you have a Pirate contest come up soon. Not every pirate has to show all her booty. ;3 The sim I used, it was just a vast amount of water but if you would like to use this area should visit![X] ♥


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So I was going to use this picture for the Reign blogger entry to become one of their bloggers because it has been literally FOREVER since they looked again. But I feel so iffy about my skills now every time a contest appears in front of me. I over analyze and ruin my overall vision of the look I was going for. Example A, this post. I over analyzed once again and didn’t come out with what I was originally trying to achieve. I love all the products in this look but I think I rushed a bit too quickly. So I’m going to make another! And hopefully come out on top ten-fold. Even if I don’t win I’ll feel like I accomplished my nerves and over thinking… I hope, wish me luck! Oh and visit this sim if you like it! [X] ♥

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Okay, so about the whole events thing..i be rushing in to get everything i need so i can just leave the event alone that i don’t remember what item came from where. So many events meshing together I may say it’s here but it’s actually there. So as long as the designer makes their store easy to find I’ll try and link to their mainstore. Usually they have there where the item is if not in the mainstore. But sometimes designers are a bit slow at adding items in their store so you may just have to wait til they have time. If I’m not 100% sure that the item is at such and such event I wont list it, hopefully this doesn’t bother anyone. It was a lot easier to keep up with events when there was only a handful, now… Phew. lol ♥

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