So I finally took my time this time and I am pretty happy how it came out! Mind you this is my entry to try and become a Reign blogger.😀 I feel like a more covered up Miss Fortune, hopefully some of you know who that is. X3 But I love ranged characters I wont lie! So to even get this close in all my years of blogging, I feel so accomplished. I finally made a pirate! So many other bloggers have made plenty of pirates and I forget all the things I bought to even get close. I know it’s not a DEAD ON Miss Fortune but do you guys like it? Hopefully you’ll guys try this outfit if you have a Pirate contest come up soon. Not every pirate has to show all her booty. ;3 The sim I used, it was just a vast amount of water but if you would like to use this area should visit![X] ♥


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So I was going to use this picture for the Reign blogger entry to become one of their bloggers because it has been literally FOREVER since they looked again. But I feel so iffy about my skills now every time a contest appears in front of me. I over analyze and ruin my overall vision of the look I was going for. Example A, this post. I over analyzed once again and didn’t come out with what I was originally trying to achieve. I love all the products in this look but I think I rushed a bit too quickly. So I’m going to make another! And hopefully come out on top ten-fold. Even if I don’t win I’ll feel like I accomplished my nerves and over thinking… I hope, wish me luck! Oh and visit this sim if you like it! [X] ♥

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Okay, so about the whole events thing..i be rushing in to get everything i need so i can just leave the event alone that i don’t remember what item came from where. So many events meshing together I may say it’s here but it’s actually there. So as long as the designer makes their store easy to find I’ll try and link to their mainstore. Usually they have there where the item is if not in the mainstore. But sometimes designers are a bit slow at adding items in their store so you may just have to wait til they have time. If I’m not 100% sure that the item is at such and such event I wont list it, hopefully this doesn’t bother anyone. It was a lot easier to keep up with events when there was only a handful, now… Phew. lol ♥

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I meant to get this out so much sooner then I am now, I keep losing my want to post. I’ll take the pictures but then stare at em and like meeeh details, meeeeh having to think of something to say. I know I know, I am so lazy but I have reason to be! My real life is picking up so much I kind of lose time for SL.. now I see why people have some troubles balancing SL and RL ya’know? I mean taking on this new kitten is such a big responsibility, I didn’t know she’d be like just a kid. I also cannot remember where I got many of my clothes from if they are from events but if it’s easy to find I do add the LM to their mainstore which should tell you if not released in the mainstore. I’ll be explaining why I’m doing it this way in my next post so please stay tuned.  Like the background, should visit the sim![X] ♥

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I’m so happy Fall is finally here but oh my god my sinuses are not! And somehow this picture came out feeling autumn-y. That was a complete accident! I’m hoping a good accident though lol. Seriously though.. do I have to smell? Because I’ll let go of my nose for a bit just to keep away all these sniffles. x.x Need to nip these allergies in the bootay and find a way to get my dang kitten to stop attacking my hands when I try to type! I’m going to shush now, btw this is a really beautiful sim. [X] ♥

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Making my way downtown, passin by all this leafage. *cue bad do do’s*

Almost tripped on a rock, why’d I go on this nature path.. [TP X] ♥

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gaze into the sky; watch each cloud that passes by.

does it form into a shape that you can’t explain? or do you see something that brings you shame?

is it a warm fuzzy feeling deep in your chest? or would you like to lay back and just give it a rest?

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